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the child is perfectly capable of distinguishing reality from fantasy
recognize or treat (someone or something) as different.
translation of 'distinguish'
ख्याति पाना,
सुभिन्न करना,
प्रभेद करना,
विशिष्टता प्राप्त करना
अंतर करना,
सम्मानित करना,
अंतर लाना,
भेद दिखाना,
भेद करना,
प्रसिद्ध होना,
अंतर समझाना
She couldn't 'distinguish' anything in the darkness that prevailed down here.
The smell of ozone was thick in the air and smoke and dust was everywhere making it impossible to 'distinguish' anything.
The Kushnans were barely able to 'distinguish' the Baron from the room.
When at rest, our bodies can't 'distinguish' between the sweet stuff in Coke and the sweet stuff in orange juice.
However, it is not possible to 'distinguish' between these possibilities from the present data.
Checklists also may not 'distinguish' which relatives are affected or their degree of relatedness to the patient.
it was too dark to 'distinguish' anything more than their vague shapes
Several features 'distinguish' the Posimetric design from other feeding technology.
Where before she could barely 'distinguish' where the sea ended and where the sky began, she could now clearly see which was which.
The software is also speed-sensitive, so it can 'distinguish' the different conditions in city driving and faster roads or motorways.
Certain characteristics 'distinguish' one type of print from another.
we must 'distinguish' between two kinds of holiday
These two features 'distinguish' De Villepin's sell-offs from their predecessors.
Each fish has a unique pattern of white spots, making it possible to 'distinguish' one from another.
The BMI does not 'distinguish' between fat and muscle, so buff men are likely to be considered overweight.
They are unable to 'distinguish' between culture and religions.
To his credit, Hornby manages to 'distinguish' the four voices well.
However, I can easily 'distinguish' the difference between my opinions and the immensity of my ego.
One carried something under his arm but Monday couldn't 'distinguish' what it was.
Likewise, the ability to 'distinguish' between certain sounds such as sss, sshh or zz diminishes from the time we reach our thirties.
He was the first to identify the brain as the seat of understanding and to 'distinguish' understanding from perception.
She couldn't 'distinguish' which one it was.
Why would you 'distinguish' on those facts between the priest and the archbishop?
Not only did he speak for the roles, but he also used different tones to 'distinguish' the good guy from the bad guy.
Some of the characteristics that 'distinguish' the two are intrinsic.
Of course, from the distance it was impossible to 'distinguish' who was who.
bees are unable to 'distinguish' between red, black, and various grays
Winds were cascading around them, yet it was too black to 'distinguish' anything.
As investors, we need to be able to 'distinguish' between interesting scientific discoveries and commercially viable projects.
Matthew looked around the room, trying to 'distinguish' just what was going on.
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