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the virus causes distortion of the leaves
the action of distorting or the state of being distorted.
we're tired of the media's continuing distortion of our issues
the action of giving a misleading account or impression.
translation of 'distortion'
Acceptable levels of 'distortion' are dependent upon the solver being used.
a 'distortion' in the eye's shape or structure
This can cause audible 'distortion' in the sound.
How can anyone accept blatant half-truths, lies and 'distortion' of history?
we're tired of the media's continuing 'distortion' of our issues
a 'distortion' in the eye's shape or structure
The optical quality of the medium makes this fidelity possible by minimizing 'distortion' .
Circuit bandwidth reduction, attenuation distortion, non-linear 'distortion' and noise also can lower the values.
It is an epic of 'distortion' and evasion and contradiction and misleading rhetorical ploys.
A fast pixel response helps eliminate ‘ghosting’ and 'distortion' often seen on LCD monitors with slower response times.
This gives rise to inter-modulation 'distortion' and clipping noises.
But some tweeter domes made of traditional materials such as aluminium are susceptible to 'distortion' at high frequencies.
Their contribution is smear, 'distortion' , abusive emotionalism and condemnation without engagement.
Recently, researchers have proposed a set of approaches that use different techniques to correct perspective 'distortion' .
There is no curvature, thus 'distortion' is eliminated.
I don't need to lead you through the thickets of 'distortion' , deceit, and self-puffery here.
Drop 'distortion' should not occur in the Space Station's low gravity environment, and the drops can be held on strings.
I have to give a speech next week on media deceit and 'distortion' , and when I saw this very same paper I thought, great!
Thickness is not an entirely free parameter, though; overly thin components suffer from poor flatness or transmitted wavefront 'distortion' .
The real challenge, then, is to be able to correct for 'distortion' between the template and wafer.
But the media echo chamber guarantees further 'distortion' .
we're fed up with the media's continuing 'distortion' of our issues
The head-end BDA is a high gain amplifier with very low 'distortion' characteristics.
Do you gentlemen find that an amazing kind of 'distortion' and deceptive piece of reasoning?
Another important consideration is minimizing 'distortion' .
And it will sweep away, once and for all, the web of 'distortion' and deceit that poisons this debate.
Dr Thomas said her frailty and 'distortion' in her back contributed to pneumonia, causing her death.
The standoff can provide a vent to prevent pressure in the gap from causing 'distortion' or damage.
This added physical 'distortion' of the lens, however, adds aberration.
Though the picture may show 'distortion' , the video quality is generally good; the sound is even better.
India needs to shed anti-competitive market distortions to prosper (Column: Active Voice)
'The Tale': Less about child abuse, more about distortion of memory (Movie Review)
Sukhbir Badal, others court arrest to protest 'distortion' of Sikh history
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