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don't allow noise to distract you from your work
prevent (someone) from giving full attention to something.
Charlotte seemed too distracted to give him much attention
unable to concentrate because one's mind is preoccupied.
translation of 'distracted '
पागल हो गया,
I never heard anything but I was somewhat 'distracted' at the time.
People are briefly 'distracted' , Gable concedes, but she says the boost in morale makes it worthwhile.
Suddenly his eyes averted over my head and he seemed 'distracted' for a moment.
Okay, so she was 'distracted' and confused a lot of the time, but some strange qualities are endearing.
Grace was too 'distracted' by the thought of getting dirt in her brand-new white shoes.
But like a child whose attention is easily 'distracted' , he turned his attention back to Michelle once again.
But we should not be 'distracted' from the real issues it could not investigate.
He seemed 'distracted' for a second, and then grinned and slung himself up into his bunk.
Anna looked up, momentarily 'distracted' by the noise her friends were making.
While contemplating her mother's advice, Fannie was 'distracted' by a sound.
Doubting she would be 'distracted' enough by that to forget it, Adam quickly tried to think of something else to say.
Hands-free devices are not considered to be safer as the driver is still 'distracted' .
They were 'distracted' by a dull thumping sound from the other side of the room.
I rubbed my forehead and tried to concentrate, but I was 'distracted' again by a passerby consuming a large, warm cinnamon roll.
As you said she's easily 'distracted' so she doesn't quite pick up on things.
But I tried not to get 'distracted' from the task at hand.
The driver is so 'distracted' by a milkshake that he almost plows right into the back of another car!
I was 'distracted' for a second and realized I had traveled a bit off the road.
In the hallway I was 'distracted' by crying sounds, a woman's cry.
These days I'm so 'distracted' by the arguments over it that I cannot concentrate on teaching my students.
She returned to her room at Pembroke and 'distractedly' toured its hamster-hutch of accessories for living/processing time.
Katrina stubbornly refused to veer off and wimp out like all New Orleanians 'distractedly' assumed she would.
Mumbling 'distractedly' , she conducts me through the hundreds of exhibits.
Therefore, one is against it, albeit somewhat 'distractedly' .
My wife returned to the room to find the tree on the floor, with my arm and legs visible beneath, waving 'distractedly' .
Alexis not distracted by other clubs, says Arsenal coach Wenger
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