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a helicopter landing can cause disturbance to residents
the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition.
translation of 'disturbance'
The villagers captured one of the hired gunmen and dragged him off to the police station only to be arrested for causing a 'disturbance' .
This came after strong protests from West Chiswick residents over extra traffic and 'disturbance' in the area.
When it is observed in libraries, the purpose is to ensure peaceful atmosphere so that students can study without any 'disturbance' .
a helicopter landing can cause 'disturbance' to residents
I had expected a degree of 'disturbance' and interruption as I switched over to Retirement Pension from Incapacity Benefit, and still do.
If confronted with a 'disturbance' or disruption, simply cover the cage with the blanket to give the bird a feeling of security.
Allegations that her comments caused a 'disturbance' at Bradford Magistrates Court between white and Asian youths proved to be unfounded.
The proposal to move the vans was to reduce 'disturbance' to residents of the new Kiln Corner housing development.
Teenagers who gather there at night are also being blamed by nearby residents for noise and 'disturbance' .
The committee received objections from two residents worried about increased traffic and potential 'disturbance' to the resting place of bats.
Other reports have cited severe and uncontrollable pain or bleeding, major injury with shock, impending birth, and uncontrollable mental 'disturbance' .
They will fine them and make them pay for the fare and deal with any 'disturbance' .
The proposal would have a detrimental effect on the amenities of neighbouring residents due to noise and 'disturbance' .
The people gathered round then debated what ‘damages’ she would have to pay to the community for having caused a 'disturbance' of the peace.
Police said the allegations against the nine Britons still held, ranged from bodily injury to robbery or 'disturbance' of public order.
It is very rare that you encounter its residents, who never cause any fuss or 'disturbance' .
In addition, with the more amorphously defined ‘public order’ offences, criteria of what constitutes a 'disturbance' are situationally variable.
Out of the love for her work, Ye Sha adheres to the night shift, regardless of the 'disturbance' from her chronic headache.
Psychiatrists have a social role in controlling mental 'disturbance' through the Mental Health Act.
Police detained them for causing a 'disturbance' , although officers took their petition and passed it on.
Some patients may become unable to breathe sufficiently after severe infection or other 'disturbance' of lung function.
Their skin also becomes discoloured and their personality becomes morbid due to the mental 'disturbance' that accompanies the condition.
After wind 'disturbance' , managed forests are generally salvaged to minimize economic losses.
Goliath continued, wanting no 'disturbance' or interruption in his clarification.
Did you ever see any sign of a mental 'disturbance' with him?
Compensation can also be claimed in respect of damage to the remaining property and 'disturbance' .
A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said they were called to the 'disturbance' and when they arrived a number of people had already left.
Try to find a quiet place that has no possibility of 'disturbance' or interruption.
However, he acknowledged that there was a high degree of 'disturbance' for residents due to noise.
The state defines unlawful assembly as a threat of ‘tumultuous 'disturbance' of the peace.’
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