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the trilobites diversified into a great number of species
make or become more diverse or varied.
translation of 'diversifies'
मुक़्तलिफ़ करना,
विविध करना,
चित्रित करना,
भिन्न करना,
रंग-बिरंगा बनाना
Saraki insists it's time Nigeria 'diversifies' its economy and relies less on oil as the only export commodity.
The felling will give forest chiefs an opportunity to 'diversify' habitats and encourage more broadleaf trees.
The turning point came when the company 'diversified' into other commercial services.
Because less than 10 automakers worldwide dominate the industry, suppliers have little opportunity to broadly 'diversify' their customer base.
More generally, it seems that 'diversified' businesses grow faster and growth tends to be greatest if the diversification is unrelated.
As Haines notes, other non-dairy companies have 'diversified' into milk-based products.
It was Riddoch who planted the first grape vines and helped to 'diversify' the pastoral economy of the area with an agricultural industry.
Similarly, as companies 'diversify' and industry groups broaden, product and market conflicts of interest arise.
More and more skippers swallowed their prides, converted their trawlers and 'diversified' into shellfish.
Recently, he 'diversified' his operations by launching an asset management firm.
Like any other industry, tourism needs to be 'diversified' in order for the country to gain maximum benefit.
Today people are 'diversifying' their business interests and entrepreneurs are pursuing new ideas.
Farmers these days have to 'diversify' to survive, and we had a good look at the options available.
‘We expect to be a more 'diversified' company; we expect to be a larger company,’ Foster says.
But even he concedes that 'diversified' companies with less advertising exposure are worth entertaining in this environment.
Nino said more 'diversified' businesses will survive better during tough times.
The company 'diversified' into trailer-making after WWII, using many of the same methods and materials.
However, none is as geographically 'diversified' as Vodafone or as large as Vodafone.
The implementation of wind farms can create new skilled jobs, as well as helping to 'diversify' economies in rural areas.
Enill said there were inefficiencies in the non-energy sector and Government was working on 'diversifying' the economy.
From lemon grass research, the centre has 'diversified' into new areas.
We have also 'diversified' our business model and now provide a lot of consulting and support to our clients in addition to software.
The Brugmansia especially has been 'diversified' into different varieties largely, it is believed, through human intervention.
But many of the best financial companies have 'diversified' into other businesses that won't be hit by rising rates.
Soon Mr Doig had 'diversified' his business interest.
Such funds are expected to go instead to the costs of decommissioning and 'diversifying' the coastal economy.
The company is also 'diversifying' its product mix to attract new customers.
It's a broadly 'diversified' company that is AAA-rated.
In our case we were able to do it because some years previously we had 'diversified' into plant growing and seed production.
Who wins may matter less now that the company is more 'diversified' , Lord argues.
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