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translation of 'Divestment'
वस्र का अपहरण,
वस्र का उघाड़ना,
Reymond said that the agency would still pin its hopes primarily on proceeds from banks' 'divestment' programs to meet the target.
Funds fret that lawmakers are dictating 'divestment' without specifying which companies they should sell.
A major feature of the privatization process has been the accompanying 'divestment' of regulation.
It is this core business focus that prompted the 'divestment' of a very profitable but peripheral business.
Others, however, see weightier reasons for Temasek 'divestment' .
Ave Maria believes that this approach, known as 'divestment' , is preferable to shareholder activism.
He estimates that at most two to five percent of tobacco shares have been sold through 'divestment' .
The positive reaction associated with spin-offs and 'divestment' can be viewed as evidence that the market rewards transparency.
That's because forging one necessitated 'divestment' from cross-shareholdings across the industry.
The first 'divestment' is scheduled for June, when the government will release a 15 percent stake through the stock market.
Its packaging business has been closed, while the 'divestment' of its glass container business is still being pursued, he said.
A decade ago South Africa demonstrated the power of 'divestment' .
The artist prepares for her ordeal by systematically shaving off all the hair from her head and body, in a gesture of total 'divestment' .
Neither wealth nor 'divestment' of wealth saves us.
the importance of 'divestment'
Decisions on what will be required in terms of investment and 'divestment' will be necessary for programming guidance.
Fine, but why limit this policy of 'divestment' to electricity?
At the campaign's peak, leaders of forty-five different student groups had signed on in support of Senior Gift Plus and 'divestment' .
This can provide a rationale for acquisition and 'divestment' .
Elsewhere, student and faculty petitions calling for 'divestment' are perhaps one of the most visible signs of activism.
Igoe said a further 'divestment' of assets was likely in order to consolidate the business and reduce debt.
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