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They feed on it because they would love to divide it and there are people like that I've always called the dividers .
a person or thing that divides a whole into parts.
The little kids did not like what we said and had their compasses and dividers out, ready to give us a poke so we scooted out.
a measuring compass, especially one with a screw for making fine adjustments.
translation of 'divider'
भाग देनेवाला,
मतभेद करनवाला,
विभक्त करनेवाला,
विभक्त होनेवाला
White turned his head so he could see the experimenters through the glass 'divider' which separated the chamber from the recording instruments.
I see a difference and I think it has basically to do with the abortion issue and the perception of the abortion issue as a 'divider' .
The kitchen island is also a 'divider' , separating the cooking area from the dining space without blocking sight lines.
During the presidential campaign, he vowed, ‘I'm a uniter, not a 'divider' .’
There is about 1 foot of space between the table and the short 'divider' wall that separates us from the bar.
the big 'divider' was still nuclear weapons
As a postscript, I just find it interesting that the big theme seems to be that he is a 'divider' .
The apparatus consisted of a cooler fitted with a screened 'divider' separating ice and water.
It seems this last one is a real opinion 'divider' .
on the Labour side, the big 'divider' was still nuclear weapons
In a corner of the lunette depicting Solomon Sitting in Judgment is a figure of a seated man holding a pair of 'dividers' and examining a drawing.
The highway had concrete 'dividers' , for crying out loud!
They function as partitions, screens, 'dividers' or the means by which an entire garden is unified.
First, there's the reality of people sleeping on road 'dividers' .
Fine aluminum mesh screens form luminous gray 'dividers' between a gallery space and offices.
Indeed, TBTN and similar forms of activism are becoming construed more as community 'dividers' than builders.
Sculpted from wooden strips separated by thin aluminum 'dividers' , each panel consists of an array of wells of equal width but different depths.
The living room and kitchen were on the opposite ends of one large open room, with no 'dividers' or doors separating the two spaces.
Roads will be properly illuminated to avoid accidents, especially for the two-wheeler riders who bump into road 'dividers' , he said.
All the 'dividers' , parcel shelf and the false floor can be completely removed if the whole space is required.
Time and time again I would see one of the protests I attended on the news, them making us look like the 'dividers' .
He created stable 'dividers' , frontages and door grilles for the livery, all designed specially in line with the customer's specific requirements.
As Olson walks through the office, the fast-multiplying staff peek over their office 'dividers' .
We will have to rearrange the traffic islands, signal lights and road 'dividers' to implement the rule.
Better yet, removing the 'dividers' instantly transforms the Mini into a portable beer cooler, though that's not in the manufacturer's instruction booklet.
Or use your 'room divider' to add a separation to a large living room and dining room combo.
Both sections one and three consist of separate poems, while the middle section seems to be one piece separated by 'dividers' signalling individual chapters.
I'm moving offices in four days, to a hellish corner with no windows and very, very high desk 'dividers' .
Mahogany 'dividers' split up cubicles, and blue and green tinted glass lit the early public conveniences’ more murky corners.
Properly placed in a larger room, it can become a 'room divider' screen or simply a focal point.
‘Divider in-chief’ title to Modi is right: Kamal Nath
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