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the company dominates the market for operating system software
have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.
translation of 'dominate '
प्राबल्य रखना
श्रेष्ठ होना,
राज्य करना,
प्रभुत्व रखना,
शासन करना
The right wing can only 'dominate' to the extent that the vacuum opened up on the left remains unfilled.
Many have returned to their native land having failed to 'dominate' racing.
They fear seven-storey tower blocks could 'dominate' the skyline, competing with the cathedral in height.
He also does not consistently 'dominate' at that level like a future NFL player should.
What he pointed to, is that apparently weak forces actually can 'dominate' what seem to be strong forces.
He would never sit back and relax because he could always go faster, win more races and 'dominate' a little more.
However, we know that if government continues to 'dominate' the market the private sector will never develop.
For some reason, my mindset was to go out there and try to run away from the beginning and to 'dominate' the race.
For those not of a vertiginous disposition, it is well worth a climb to the top of the round tower 'dominating' the graveyard.
The first was a growing misapprehension regarding the possible effects of a world 'dominated' by a single superpower.
Neither side 'dominated' territorially for the remainder of the match.
Behind him the skyline was still 'dominated' by the White Mountains, their snowy peaks glistening in the afternoon sun.
Edinburgh Castle, the most famous castle in Scotland, overlooks the city and 'dominates' its skyline.
Some featured the new Auckland landmark - the Sky Tower, which certainly now 'dominates' the city skyline.
The world's money is now 'dominated' by giant financial corporations.
In those days the silhouette of the city - 'dominated' by the castle - could be seen as far away as Lauder.
Frustrated by a lack of progress in an industry still 'dominated' by men, women are fighting on several fronts.
A few buildings 'dominating' the present city space and the memorial of the Hungarian Millennium can also be seen on the stamp pictures.
Thus, markets were increasingly 'dominated' by a small number of large vertically integrated enterprises.
The Acropolis, in the centre of Athens, is an outcrop of rock that 'dominates' the ancient city.
He remains on course for the victory he needs to keep this year's title race alive after 'dominating' the Rally of Italy yesterday.
My preference is for a pluralistic world, not 'dominated' by any single power.
If they pull that off, they will command world football like the Eiffel Tower 'dominates' their capital.
And humans do not attain lasting joy by power grabbing, 'dominating' others, or heaping up public acclaim.
This would dramatically alter the landscape where the medieval cathedral still 'dominates' its surroundings.
But then, human determination, imagination and ingenuity, when put to the service of justice, have had an uncanny and unpredictable way of playing havoc with the plans of 'dominators' .
It translates not only to those short gains but, more notably, to his knack of 'dominating' the most important games.
The local gothic mansion, Bled Castle, is situated on a cliff overlooking the lake and 'dominates' the landscape.
The opposition had no chance to speak to the public via the state-controlled media, which totally 'dominates' the market.
However, the government was increasingly 'dominated' by the Conservatives.
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