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Graham showered and dressed quickly
put on one's clothes.
treat or prepare (something) in a certain way, in particular.
vinaigrette dressing
a sauce for salads, typically one consisting of oil and vinegar mixed together with herbs or other flavorings.
an antiseptic dressing
a piece of material placed on a wound to protect it.
translation of 'dressing'
fabrics finished with 'dressing' will work successfully when cut an inch wide
to apply a 'dressing' to a wound
Turkey and 'dressing' are not on our list of dyes, but cranberries make a beautiful pink and red dye.
sprinkle each salad lightly with 'dressing'
surgical 'dressing'
a 'dressing' of blood, fish, and bone
Start turkey and 'dressing' five hours before you expect to serve dinner.
More recently, it was used in both world wars as an oral medicine for battlefield infections and as a wound 'dressing' .
My ground was prepared exactly the same for both, same amount of stable manure, everything except the side 'dressing' of Nitrate of Soda on one and not on the other.
vinaigrette 'dressing'
Stitches will hold it in place and, after covering the wound with a 'dressing' , he can go back to work.
Make sure if you have open or infected wounds that these are kept covered with a waterproof 'dressing' .
It is important to ensure that the 'dressing' is rubbed well into the fabric, and not allowed to remain thickly on the surface.
The wound is covered with a sterile 'dressing' , and the surgeon or nurse will tell you how to look after it until it's healed.
Heavy feeders, sunflowers appreciate a side 'dressing' of compost or fertilizer during the growing season.
Often, the wound will be covered with a 'dressing' but left open to heal, especially if it is more than 6 hours old, as this is the best way to prevent infection.
It's the reason so many of us end Thanksgiving dinner stuffed with turkey, 'dressing' and sweet potatoes, but somehow manage to find room for pie.
turkey with apple 'dressing'
I'll be enjoying tomorrow with my family, eating way too much turkey and 'dressing' , along with some fine sides and desserts.
A heavier than normal fertilizer 'dressing' should be applied on paddocks that didn't receive nitrogen after the last grazing.
I can't decide whether to have the traditional turkey and 'dressing' , or to maybe do something like beef tenderloin.
For an acute burn which will be referred to a burn centre, cling film is an ideal 'dressing' as it protects the wound, reduces heat and evaporative losses, and does not alter the wound appearance.
vinaigrette 'dressing'
turkey with apple 'dressing'
A light 'dressing' of fertiliser in the middle of April will help to get the lawn going.
an antiseptic 'dressing'
Give fruit trees and bushes a 'dressing' of autumn fertiliser, low in nitrogen but high in potassium and phosphorous.
an antiseptic 'dressing'
To ease his pain, morphine was administered and the medic started to apply a field 'dressing' to the neck wound.
Then he covered it up with a soft 'dressing' to keep the wound clean.
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