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the telephones are dysfunctional
not operating normally or properly.
She herself says that her 'dysfunctional' family has actually weirdly helped her career.
We apologise for the lack of lighting, the bare concrete walls and the 'dysfunctional' information monitors in this part of the station.
Some elements of 'dysfunctional' schemas may only be operative under such circumstances.
This business attracts people who have drug and alcohol problems, who are 'dysfunctional' , who are misfits.
The play features Peter and Aggie, a 'dysfunctional' couple who are both dealing with their own past traumas.
Their brother flees from their 'dysfunctional' family to the Army as soon as he is old enough to enlist.
Streetlights, even on the main roads, have been 'dysfunctional' for nearly 20 days now.
The system as a whole becomes inefficient and 'dysfunctional' and the people are alienated further from it and the leaders.
He said the country has a housing sector which is basically 'dysfunctional' in terms of the tax structure.
Did your lab reach the stage where it was quite 'dysfunctional' in its operation?
They're an entirely 'dysfunctional' lot, from a long line of eccentric ancestors that includes a couple of human cannonballs.
It's a dark, brooding look at a 'dysfunctional' modern family caught up in the traditions of contemporary life.
It is a similar theme - the family so 'dysfunctional' that it is but one step from the abyss of collapse.
Rambling and anecdotal, the 'dysfunctional' family's tale is charming if you allow it to move at its own pace.
The international system for resettling refugees is highly 'dysfunctional' .
These kids are as young as 10, homeless, and from pretty 'dysfunctional' families.
It is such a pity this has to be spoiled by a sewage system that is obviously over loaded or very 'dysfunctional' or both.
I also want to take the time to thank you, my dear readers who are like my extended 'dysfunctional' family.
There are no words for how 'dysfunctional' she is, and I can't explain it.
I know what's right and wrong and if I did something wrong I would not say that it's because I had a 'dysfunctional' family.
It's not a threat to write a book about a 'dysfunctional' intelligence organization.
It is not just the athletes themselves who are growing old with 'dysfunctional' bodies and disturbed minds.
Unfortunately, he was just as 'dysfunctional' in his own personal life as they in theirs.
There is evidence linking 'dysfunctional' breathing with respiratory disorders.
In therapy-speak, they call them 'dysfunctional' families, you know.
But being in charge of a team that included known 'dysfunctional' miscreants was hardly news to him.
Oh, and did I mention that we could possibly have even the most 'dysfunctional' family ever?
Without that, the mechanism of justice delivery would become 'dysfunctional' .
His family is gravely 'dysfunctional' , showing an extreme level of expressed emotion.
These modulate the neuronal circuits that are thought to be 'dysfunctional' in such disorders.
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