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आर्थिक रूप से
the region is important economically
in a way that relates to economics or finance.
translation of 'economically'
मितव्ययिता से
मितव्य्यता से,
काट-छांट करके
the region is important 'economically'
Other indicators show the region slipping backwards both 'economically' and socially.
The inmates of these ‘Houses of Industry’ were fed as 'economically' as possible on bread and thin gruel.
Those who dare to take these steps will benefit from shared resources and live more 'economically' .
the new building was erected as 'economically' as possible
It's a very dynamic city and 'economically' it plays an important role in South Africa.
a precis aims to express a passage more 'economically'
Although 'economically' dependent upon the EU, as soon as tensions arise they side with the US politically.
A reserve, on the other hand, is the portion of an identified resource that can be extracted 'economically' using current technology.
It is incumbent therefore on all local authorities to operate as efficiently and 'economically' as possible.
Often in debt, they are 'economically' and politically dependent on local headmen and landlords.
More to the point, GDP makes for a politically attractive but 'economically' irrelevant denominator.
In these three central symphonies, a large orchestra is used 'economically' , with passages of delicacy and refinement akin to chamber music.
The net result is that mature welfare states tend 'economically' to stagnate.
In the natural world, fruit and the seed it contains are hugely important 'economically' , being a primary source of food.
The Skorpion project has brought a hive of economic activities to the 'economically' depressed southern Namibia.
Those who furnished the funds were directly interested in seeing that they were used as 'economically' as possible.
That some taxpayers might welcome new taxes seems an 'economically' dubious notion.
The tax code is 'economically' destructive because it taxes savings and investment at the expense of consumption.
The 'economically' most important minerals concentrated in placers are listed in Table 1.
Why did Europe develop 'economically' , in a way unlike any other region before the eighteenth century?
Closer to home, livestock are important 'economically' but animals are also a source of companionship.
Aromatic plants are 'economically' important, because of the essential oils they produce.
a précis aims to express a passage more 'economically'
Energy has to be used as 'economically' as possible with regard to the preservation of nature, he explained.
Overall the reduction corresponds to about one day, which is 'economically' important.
Its citizens are 'economically' powerless in their capacity both as workers and as consumers.
Ostrich farming is seen as a way out of poverty for many in the 'economically' depressed and semi-arid southern Namibia.
If the hydrates can be harvested 'economically' , they could become an important source of fuel in the future.
Production of milk protein is 'economically' important to dairy producers and milk manufacturers.
Proportion of economically active population increases
India now more confident in dealing economically with other nations: Jaitley
Government's focus on economically backward eastern India: Modi
Pakistan must be isolated economically, war not option: JD-U
'Planned retreat, ecosystem regeneration economically beneficial for climate change-hit Sundarbans'
Playing socio-economically challenged roles comes 'easily' to Sanjay Mishra
US to help N. Korea economically if it gets rid of nuclear weapons
Cabinet approves 10 per cent quota for economically backward upper castes
TRENDING: 10% quota for economically backward in general category
TRENDING: LS passes 10% quota bill for economically weak in general category
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