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One of North America's leading agricultural economists said Tuesday that farms will have to adapt or perish.
an expert in economics.
translation of 'economist'
अर्थशास्त्र का लेखक,
अर्थ प्रबंधक,
कम खर्च करनेवाला,
अर्थ व्यवस्थापक
He is chief 'economist' at the Bank of Ireland.
Even industry backers are cautious about the new approaches, and some 'economists' are skeptical.
Now, labor 'economists' argue that additional benefits are necessary.
In the next decade, labor 'economists' predict serious shortages in many forms of skilled and professional employment segments.
More important, 'economists' are automatically skeptical about this sort of research.
Now they're greeting rising demand with more measured output, some 'economists' believe.
But 'economists' at universities still weren't impressed.
But many 'economists' believe that relative poverty rather than absolute standards is what matters.
Neoclassical 'economists' say impatiently that it makes sense to borrow against the additional earnings that a university degree may generate.
Health 'economists' have long noted variations in healthcare utilization by comparing geographic areas.
Neoclassical 'economists' have traditionally argued in favor of efforts to increase national saving in the long run.
I am not in a position to tell 'economists' how to pursue their craft.
Our senior 'economists' were saying then that it could not happen again.
Leading agricultural 'economists' forecast that agriculture is moving to a bimodal system of production.
Development 'economists' once were optimistic that the nation's poor countries could grow rapidly.
Japanese executives will probably never go as far a some free-market 'economists' wish in slashing payrolls.
Some 'economists' argued the rising price would not impact on the global economic recovery.
The bull market in bonds in a deflation is completely ignored by mainstream 'economists' .
One of North America's leading agricultural 'economists' said Tuesday that farms will have to adapt or perish.
Mainstream 'economists' actually believe that in doing all of this they are seriously tackling environmental problems.
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