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विद्युतीकरण करना
an electrified fence
charge with electricity; pass an electric current through.
an electrifying performance
impress greatly; thrill.
translation of 'electrify'
बिजली पहुंचाना
विद्युतीकरण करना,
बिजली लगाना
Place a normal rat in a cage with a grid floor, sound a tone, and then briefly 'electrify' the grid with a current that will feel painful to the rat (but not strong enough to cause any damage to the rat's paws).
After a few more years, we were delighted to find that there were plans to 'electrify' the line and, after considerable disruption, trains began stopping at our station once again.
The thinking behind the move was that it would 'electrify' voters with a charge of democratic zeal, and translate into 60 per cent voter turnout.
One obvious way would be to 'electrify' important sections of our rail network.
When he emerged from the London to Runcorn train journey who should he see to 'electrify' him back to life?
The Manpower Northern Electricity Consortium which was awarded the contract to 'electrify' the area was currently having negotiations with Government to give the concessions.
This means that when you 'electrify' wires in camp while the feed lines into camp are dead, you're also electrifying the power lines out of camp.
It was the first of the big companies to 'electrify' its lines, in the early part of the 20th century, and the only one to branch out into the big-time property market.
Work is due to start next year on a 340 million euro project to upgrade and 'electrify' the main railway line from Plovdiv to Svilengrad near the Turkish border.
What is happening here is 'electrifying' people with ambition throughout the world.
We were told there would be a romper room, but it seems there are only dangerous, mined areas and 'electrified' chain fences where kids could easily injure themselves on flying shrapnel.
He was 'electrifying' the crowd in a way you seldom see a politician manage to pull off.
Well at least they knew the fence wasn't 'electrified' .
In later years, the tarries were 'electrified' , and poles held the trolley wire.
For many of the two billion people living in rural Third World communities who lack electricity, solar cells will be the best bet for 'electrification' .
His sexual charisma, panther-like grace, and blazing dramatic presence 'electrified' audiences and inspired a new generation of male dancers.
He added: ‘It is now coming home that the Glasgow to Edinburgh route will never be anything more than a ‘touch and go’ service until the line is fully 'electrified' .’
His stage performance that night 'electrified' the crowd and it led to a recording opportunity.
Since their inception in July 1999, they've been 'electrifying' crowds all over Canada with their unique style and socially concious lyrics.
The darkness was the result of one of those choices imposed on supposedly 'electrified' villages that have no control over when the ‘current’ will come each day.
This new route presents a golden opportunity to use the rolling stock that was mostly idled when the Blainville line was 'electrified' .
In seconds, his life is snuffed out as the wire is 'electrified' because of improper insulation.
Blue fire raced across the wire mesh of the net; it was 'electrified' .
The very early material makes its own case more powerfully than ever, 'electrifying' the crowd.
They got in before our security guard came on duty, but I am now 'electrifying' the fence and getting 24-hour protection.
And both LaMontagne and Oberst are 'electrified' into activity by some of the same currents that originally charged Dylan.
Julian sang each note with heartfelt sincerity as Blake's blistering guitar work 'electrified' the audience.
Martin had grown up without electricity and 'electrification' of his neighbourhood only occurred in the mid-1990s.
The Thames was frozen and the vast auditorium less than a third full, but from his first appearance the small, swarthy actor 'electrified' the audience.
Up to a Five KM Fence may Be Electrified with One 'Electrifier' Unit.
Centre to electrify 250 villages everyday: Minister
Power ministers to meet on electrifying all households by 2018
Electrify every Arunachal village by May 1: Union Minister
TRENDING: PLN installs undersea cables to electrify small NTB islands
Pak solar project to electrify 10,000 houses
Hyundai's Strategy 2025 aims to electrify India models by 2035
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