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an electronic calculator
(of a device) having or operating with the aid of many small components, especially microchips and transistors, that control and direct an electric current.
Atomic physics involves specifically investigations into the electronic parts of the atom.
of or relating to electrons.
translation of 'electronic'
Molecules absorb radiation at characteristic wavelengths that excite one or more of their rotational, vibrational or 'electronic' degrees of freedom.
And certainly, in these days of computer viruses, 'electronic' hackers and the like, who is to say that he doesn't have a point?
Every subgenre of contemporary 'electronic' dance music has superstar DJs and tracks that are ripe for the fruit basket of mass consumption.
He's fooled around with most every idiom of 'electronic' dance music (some of which he shudders in shame to mention).
Once the user has scanned the products, they bring the device to an in-store computer, which produces an 'electronic' shopping list.
Anyone looking for a daring, boundary-pushing exercise in 'electronic' dance music would be advised to steer clear.
What proved to be a loss for the world of 'electronic' engineering, proved to be Rochdale's gain.
They can share and download 'electronic' collections on the Network.
I'm from a cynical generation raised on 'electronic' dance music, but felt I finally understood what the fuss with rhythm and blues was all about.
'electronic' surveillance
Hopefully the new album will be seen in a slightly broader sense and not just confined to 'electronic' music
The silicon transistors of modern 'electronic' devices make connections to potentials the values of which represent zero and one throughout a system.
The bank was involved in a security incident last year, since when he has spoken in favour of 'electronic' banking and backed up his convictions by using an online account.
After one mind-numbingly boring semester of studying 'electronic' engineering, I landed a job as junior sales assistant in a retail franchise.
Again, it provides tools to manage and transfer podcast, 'electronic' magazine and video blog subscriptions.
The electronic circuit analysis course he taught to students helped most of his students enter the field of 'electronic' engineering.
The 38-year-old 'electronic' engineering student, who speaks four languages, began refusing food on December 5 and lost three stone.
Verify proper operation of various sensors and other 'electronic' control devices
'electronic' version
Atomic physics involves specifically investigations into the 'electronic' parts of the atom.
1987 was an early but fertile time for 'electronic' dance music.
At the same time, information about accepted variants of combat employment of 'electronic' engineering units is memorized by it for further repeated use.
If a power outage hit on a much larger scale, it could shut down the 'electronic' networks that keep governments and militaries running.
Here they were making 'electronic' brake controls, in different configurations and different voltages.
Then the heavy 'electronic' techno beat started, and dancers vacillated their bodies without restriction.
Inorganic chemistry is used to construct 'electronic' components such as transistors, diodes, computer chips, and various metal compounds.
Tantalum is mainly used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of capacitors, used in 'electronic' gadgets like cell phones.
In any case, some of the claims made by those who believe they are being controlled by these 'electronic' weapons do not seem plausible.
If you are considering 'electronic' engineering as a course of study you are invited to attend one of these open days.
But what of the inverse - the 'electronic' acts giving rock music a whirl?
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