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the emancipation of feminist ideas
the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.
translation of 'emancipation '
The old ideas, in the old organisations, represented quite the opposite of social 'emancipation' .
The 'emancipation' of the slaves was fought for and won by the slaves themselves.
the 'emancipation' of feminist ideas
He was really fighting for national 'emancipation' .
McClellan made no secret of his opposition to 'emancipation' .
This history of struggle did not end with the 'emancipation' of the slaves.
He wanted to push for rights for his people and ultimately called for Catholic 'emancipation' .
the early struggle for 'emancipation' from slavery
Big Maggie heralds a new 'emancipation' in Irish society.
Our subject, of course, was how to represent the story of slavery from the slave trade to 'emancipation' in six hours.
Marx pointed out that political 'emancipation' was a different thing from universal human emancipation.
To the proletariat the imperial suffrage has been a mighty weapon in its battle for 'emancipation' .
Some deal with war or politics, some deal with the bittersweet issues surrounding 'emancipation' .
Religion is meant for the 'emancipation' of living beings.
the social and political 'emancipation' of women
In the person of our heroine we are presented with a plea for 'emancipation' .
One could even say the story implies that 'emancipation' is not properly a woman's pursuit or destiny.
It is certain that for him, 'emancipation' is no part of a reform program of the church for society.
He insists that 'emancipation' was perhaps the single most significant act ever carried out by a US president.
the early struggle for 'emancipation' from slavery
Retelling the myth of 'emancipation' from slavery impels you to reclaim the story of your wider self.
Fairclough chronicles the circumstances in which Southern black educators worked from 'emancipation' to the 1970s.
'Emancipation' in fact did little in the short run to change the structure of Russian society.
'Emancipation' is the event most associated with Lincoln next to the preservation of the Union.
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