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she wouldn't embarrass either of them by making a scene
cause (someone) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed.
he became embarrassed at his own effusiveness
feeling or showing embarrassment.
translation of 'embarrassed'
Financially 'embarrassed' football club Leeds United still managed to help make three men among the highest earners in Yorkshire over the past 12 months.
she's 'embarrassed' by her brother
'I did it,' she said with an 'embarrassed' look.
Financially 'embarrassed' Lazio need cash this summer to ease a growing crisis.
he gave an 'embarrassed' laugh
He backed up and I knew he was 'embarrassed' for that public display of affection so once again I came to his rescue.
We don't complain because we are 'embarrassed' , bewildered and shocked, too ashamed to do or say anything.
don't be 'embarrassed' about asking for help
It was used only by his closest friends who knew that whenever he was 'embarrassed' or nervous, he would blush deeply and get a red nose.
Alex was no prude, but he became acutely 'embarrassed' by the situation.
She was very 'embarrassed' and extremely upset by this.
There were very severe financial problems during that period and she became 'embarrassed' that she could not afford to pay for school dinners and trips.
if that happened to me I'd be 'embarrassed'
He was 'embarrassed' to be here, and ashamed of his greed, he just hid it better than me.
The Ministry of Transportation suspended my license and I was extremely 'embarrassed' and humiliated.
Although financially 'embarrassed' owners prove inhumane, the text describes another type of master who is even more dangerous.
I get so 'embarrassed'
I'm 'embarrassed' and humiliated to think that I actually live in a place where this sort of thing seems to be acceptable, and where some will invoke race to excuse it.
he felt 'embarrassed' about it
Are they going to maintain an 'embarrassed' silence?
Handel himself was not financially 'embarrassed' , nor did his reputation suffer.
I was 'embarrassed' and felt awkward and unwanted.
I'm financially 'embarrassed' at the moment
I was strong on the outside, but inside I was 'embarrassed' , ashamed, and weeping.
Now he has wed in secret again and, to judge by newspaper reports, his parents are 'embarrassed' and nonplussed.
We are all 'embarrassed' and ashamed by the actions of a very small number of leaders and a very small number of soldiers.
Maybe she was 'embarrassed' and humiliated, but she didn't show it - she dealt with the situation with quiet calm, as if she'd been through it a hundred times before.
it's nothing to be 'embarrassed' about
According to our source, there was silence and a few 'embarrassed' glances.
After an 'embarrassed' silence, he added: ‘Granted, we didn't make much of a song and dance about that at the time.’
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