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I turned red with embarrassment
a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.
translation of 'embarrassment'
his temporary financial 'embarrassment'
He looks around and is consumed by acute 'embarrassment' , even shame, at what he sees.
I turned red with 'embarrassment'
It will be profound, a mixture of 'embarrassment' , shame and a huge feeling of emptiness.
They boast of getting ‘wrecked’ at weekends as a matter of pride rather than shame or 'embarrassment' .
It evoked feelings of nostalgia, 'embarrassment' and wonder at how I was thinking then.
Along with 'embarrassment' and guilt, shame is one of the emotions that motivate moral behaviour.
This to me sounds like some gay people feel shame or 'embarrassment' in having a partner of the same sex.
I wondered how much of this self-conscious 'embarrassment' was induced by a few days in the surroundings of Oxford.
Today I have no pride, no faith, only 'embarrassment' , anger, and frustration.
I turned red with 'embarrassment'
her extreme views might be an 'embarrassment' to the movement
Compulsions are obvious to an observer and can cause considerable shame and 'embarrassment' .
The 'embarrassment' and shame it brings on the family means people are keeping quiet and women are being cocooned in their homes.
his temporary financial 'embarrassment'
Boys, to Nina's shame and 'embarrassment' , were a constant preoccupation.
A lot of women still feel 'embarrassment' and shame about their own desires.
The actions of the fans were disrespectful, and they have brought shame and 'embarrassment' on their club, and on this country.
her extreme views might be an 'embarrassment' to the movement
This is a highly readable and strangely affecting comedy of 'embarrassment' , resentment, grief and love.
he was an 'embarrassment' who was safely left ignored
Feelings of expectation, 'embarrassment' , distress and emotional harm vary according to the individual.
As the addiction can be accompanied by feelings of shame and 'embarrassment' , sufferers often find it difficult to seek help.
I felt a lot of shame, 'embarrassment' and humiliation, I lived with all that for years.
He cannot say he was unprepared for York council's financial 'embarrassment' .
I put down my music, eyes pricking and throat closing up with anxiety, rage, confusion and 'embarrassment' .
he was an 'embarrassment' who was safely left ignored
Horror, shock, 'embarrassment' , confusion and sadness all swept across at the same time.
Pauline said today she feared that 'embarrassment' and shame could be stopping Christine and Nicholas from contacting her.
I can only assume that the Republicans became so good at manufacturing these scandals and 'embarrassments' that the press forgot how to do it for themselves.
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