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Aunt Sophie embraced her warmly
hold (someone) closely in one's arms, especially as a sign of affection.
besides traditional methods, artists are embracing new technology
accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.
they were locked in an embrace
an act of holding someone closely in one's arms.
their eager embrace of foreign influences
an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.
translation of 'embrace'
गले मिलना,
अन्तर्निहित करना,
आलिंगन करना,
शामिल करना
संमिलित करना,
मौक़ा पकड़ना,
अंक लगाना
I have come to appreciate warm people who 'embrace' you just because they're happy to see you.
Soon he loosened his 'embrace' and looked deep into Christie's eyes and brought his hand to stroke her cheek.
She smiled warmly at me and stood to 'embrace' me with a hug.
totalitarianism has meant that no interest falls outside the 'embrace' of the state
Does Leland 'embrace' it willingly, or is he merely a pawn of a greater evil?
The inhabitants can hang out along the edges of the side balcony, still in the 'embrace' of the house, with a commanding view of surrounding garden and beyond.
the transformations brought about by the 'embrace' of mass media
Enthusiastic 'embrace' of these new gods is decimating its youthful adherents.
The 'embrace' of foreign expertise and capital is a welcome sign that China's leaders know how serious the challenge is - and are determined to meet it.
Her mother cried out, and gave her a deep 'embrace' .
Far be it from me, though, to accuse other people of inconsistency when it's a quality I 'embrace' so enthusiastically myself.
The major focus of the book is showing how traditional library skills and a willingness to 'embrace' change can aid you in solving technical problems.
Our 'embrace' is restricted by the wide table separating us, but it's great to feel his powerful arms around me.
During his career, Hughes would 'embrace' every genre and his work would define as well as interpret the black experience.
Before she could comprehend it, his lips were on hers, and she was locked in his 'embrace' .
There is a moment of recognition and reconciliation before the boat overturns, and both, locked in a final 'embrace' , are drowned.
Businesses, however need to be outward looking, objective and willing to 'embrace' change.
They gently went down on their knees, still locked in their 'embrace' .
I wrapped my arms tighter around her as she burrowed deeper in my 'embrace' .
She seems hesitant, but warms to the 'embrace' and his deeper kisses.
He said the person then started to 'embrace' him while reaching for his wallet.
they were locked in an 'embrace'
Such a willing 'embrace' of danceable shenanigans produces something of a dilemma, however.
Or will we wait for the public sector (famous for its willingness to 'embrace' change rapidly) to simply drive demand?
I heard a soft sigh come from my own lips before his lips descended upon me and we locked in an 'embrace' .
All at once, the group of functionaries simultaneously lock Thatcher in a close 'embrace' , surrounding her from all sides.
Mama was next, pulling Riley into a deep 'embrace' .
Night grew darker with increased time, the city stood peaceful at the 'embrace' of the lights that surrounded it.
From her tone, I could tell that any misgivings about me were all gone by now, and I relished that fact, by snuggling deeper into her 'embrace' .
they were locked in an 'embrace'
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