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प्रभाव से
He is a man who speaks forcefully, emphatically and, yes, sometimes controversially from the pulpit at First Baptist Church.
in a forceful way.
translation of 'emphatically'
दृढ़ता से,
प्रभाव से,
ज़ोर के साथ
This was 'emphatically' reinforced when we saw a demo behind closed doors and spoke with some of the developers in May.
My secretary has confirmed 'emphatically' that no such letter or request was delivered to my office.
With huge square towers linked by thick walkways, it stands on a slight eminence and is 'emphatically' hellish.
And both papers answer that second question clearly and 'emphatically' : it's about freedom.
Thus far it has been established that even under the most favorable conditions the country's indebtedness is absolutely and 'emphatically' unsustainable during the next two decades.
The entrance door and flanking windows are 'emphatically' Gothic with pointed arches, the doorway framed in granite and the windows with granite sills and lintels.
‘The book doesn't bother me at all whatsoever,’ declared Hunter 'emphatically' , before going on to sound very bothered indeed.
However, when contacted by The Sunday Business Post last Friday, the witness 'emphatically' denied the statement attributed to him.
‘The persecution makes us strong’, said Vic 'emphatically' .
A spokesman for the London-based group says: ‘We 'emphatically' deny any impropriety whatsoever.’
Toward the end of the song, when I 'emphatically' sang the last chorus, Sarah finally opened her door and quickly dragged me inside.
Tara, not wanting to let one of her hands go from her ears, started nodding 'emphatically' to the door.
Yet when I asked Sherry if she would consider moving elsewhere, she 'emphatically' answered ‘No.’
Greg is 'emphatically' not a slacker
Jane, though born in California, feels 'emphatically' English
Greg is 'emphatically' not a slacker
Fending off a protesting Violet, Briar 'emphatically' closed and locked the door before taking a seat on the sofa.
At just a few months short of his 70th birthday, Caine is definitely and 'emphatically' in fashion.
He is a man who speaks forcefully, 'emphatically' and, yes, sometimes controversially from the pulpit at First Baptist Church.
she closed the door behind her 'emphatically'
It became an 'emphatically' risk-averse society, partly because actions encouraged by the government could not fail, while those undertaken without central support could not succeed.
With an 'emphatically' worried expression, he blustered about the common tasks involved in ‘defending Western values’.
Jane, though born in California, feels 'emphatically' Canadian
Cheney 'emphatically' reaffirms the pro-federalism position on the issue.
If Mesches's compositional devices are often classical, his palette is 'emphatically' expressionist.
‘No way,’ he said 'emphatically'
Both the District Court judge and the High Court judge 'emphatically' stood behind the principle that the ability to pay money ought not to influence the outcome of the case.
Soldiers interviewed in Kosovo 'emphatically' expressed their support for nationbuilding.
Ell 'emphatically' denied making the statement, adding that he had nothing against white people.
But why is conscious experience 'emphatically' positive?
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