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thank you for all your support and encouragement
the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
translation of 'encouragement'
the 'encouragement' of foreign investment
Next, with the mayor's 'encouragement' , the NYPD moved 300 officers to a new task force charged with stopping the attacks.
To our knowledge, the effect of 'encouragement' on walk performance has not been studied subsequently.
I got some inspiring 'encouragement' from a number of individuals during My Project.
The first episode, which was a huge success, became an 'encouragement' to make more.
Nevertheless, the developments I have just described do provide cause for 'encouragement' .
incentives and 'encouragement' to play sports
Left alone for the first time, Darcy kissed her again, deepening the kiss with 'encouragement' from Elizabeth.
Every successful use of the netroots has involved some kind of 'encouragement' for donors.
incentives and 'encouragement' to play sports
he needed no 'encouragement' to fight
With little 'encouragement' on my part, a friend agreed to lend me her children for the night.
thank you for all your support and 'encouragement'
Now the Australian finds himself offering similar words of 'encouragement' to another team-mate.
Their clients were coming to them for a mix of escape and 'encouragement' .
The stallion, already spooked and restless, did not require much 'encouragement' .
Miss Cartwright was unfortunately not the type to offer express 'encouragement' .
Words of 'encouragement' are a powerful motivator, especially for kids struggling to keep up.
I enjoyed the articles so much I had to thank you for the 'encouragement' .
Other patients needed 'encouragement' to call their health care providers regarding specific problems they were experiencing.
that gave me 'encouragement'
At each step of the way the characters provide lots of friendly 'encouragement' .
He has been a constant source of 'encouragement' throughout.
the 'encouragement' of foreign investment
Talk with a close friend or relative who you trust and who can offer 'encouragement' and support.
she did it with the 'encouragement' of her friends
Please be sure to offer a word of thanks or 'encouragement' to them whenever you have the chance.
thank you for all your support and 'encouragement'
And he spent the rest of the dance advising her on the steps and offering 'encouragement' .
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Cinema, sports need encouragement from government: Ritesh Batra
Joaquin Phoenix: Academy's encouragement helped sustain my career
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