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Flora's spirit and character endeared her to everyone who met her
cause to be loved or liked.
an endearing little grin
inspiring love or affection.
translation of 'endearing'
प्यार बचाना
I often attributed his popularity to his lovely, large, 'endearing' eyes and his tinkle of a laugh.
You have an 'endearing' quality of youth and innocence that attracts people around you today.
In person, he projects a vulnerability that's nothing short of 'endearing' .
I'm supposed to find last weekend an 'endearing' joke or something.
The river has a long history of crazy characters - crazy in an 'endearing' sort of way.
She was a wonderful neighbour who had many 'endearing' qualities which made her a great favourite of all she met.
Of course, Maria's movie career did not begin and end with this 'endearing' comedy.
Needless to say, she also made news as a person of 'endearing' charm, winning the hearts of the public.
He also played a number of 'endearing' characters, and was truly one of the most versatile players in Bollywood.
He ranks as one of the country's most 'endearing' singers.
I can't help getting irritated with people who think being unable to programme the video is somehow an 'endearing' trait.
But Ms Cooper turned adversity into advantage by making an 'endearing' apology.
As a lawyer and a husband he is not perfect - far from it - but his desire to be good is what makes him 'endearing' .
However, their pointed, white-coloured tusks and large ears give them an 'endearing' look.
Few understood Messiaen early on, most considering him an eccentric if 'endearing' crackpot.
That passion, his knowledge and that 'endearing' easy-going manner have made him a very marketable product.
British sports fans are certainly not an 'endearing' lot and have earned that reputation from most beyond the realm.
Evans has a way of combining generous understatement with a big grin that is very 'endearing' .
No one except the Lord spoke to him like that with such an 'endearing' term of undying affection.
It's a tendency that is both 'endearing' and mildly frustrating.
This persistent woolly optimism is either 'endearingly' naive, or outstandingly stupid.
Compston is 'endearingly' modest about his sudden stardom.
At the same time, there's something 'endearingly' adolescent about this.
Again, it has produced an 'endearingly' peculiar failure.
It's 'endearingly' simple, smooth, and has some lovely touches.
He is 'endearingly' open about his insecurities.
He signs off with his 'endearingly' clumsy signature.
I dunno if this makes me look arrogant or 'endearingly' forgetful… but I forgot that I used to go out with this particular girl.
He was devoted to his wife Ingrid and 'endearingly' proud of his children.
He speaks loudly, and 'endearingly' frankly, and occasionally steals a surreptitious glance over his shoulder to make sure the room is indeed empty.
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