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some enterprising teachers have started their own recycling programs
having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.
translation of 'enterprising'
However, he was able to draw around him others with an 'enterprising' spirit.
An 'enterprising' teacher has been recognised for her skills in the classroom.
They've got some big-hearted kids and one or two talented players, and they were 'enterprising' .
Last year, for example, some 'enterprising' young chaps went off to the Mount Everest base camp!
To a contrary effect, the press has grown far more 'enterprising' as it has become much more difficult to keep in line.
How refreshing it was to meet such 'enterprising' and caring youngsters who care for their community and enjoy improving it.
What this team of 'enterprising' young men do is to bring together components and assemble units at their place.
Other 'enterprising' Brits have also gone into business in the area.
Much more attention needs to be given to encouraging 'enterprising' attitudes in young people and their teachers.
Pearson was an 'enterprising' individual and demonstrated great conviction in his way-out proposal.
Some of his shots were little more than slogging but none could question his bold and 'enterprising' approach.
The Scottish film industry may be small, but is recognised globally as creative, 'enterprising' and skilled.
Unemployed and facing the dole queue, this 'enterprising' young man decided to set up his own business.
This was a group of 'enterprising' employees doing a spoof of their office.
That, of course, means more mature politicians and enterprise agencies who are actually 'enterprising' .
It is also credited to his 'enterprising' spirit that many such dreams are materialised.
Do you suppose some 'enterprising' journalist might now ask to have a look at the whole journal?
He recounts all of this blithely, but the work was both dangerous and 'enterprising' .
Then the questions of how we achieve an 'enterprising' and dynamic Scotland become more obvious and the answers simpler.
If only kids elsewhere displayed that kind of 'enterprising' spirit.
They started 'enterprisingly' - you felt gaining the first goal was vital to the game plan - but with a fair amount of caution, with five men at the back when their opponents came forward, which was infrequent and in haphazard fashion.
Most of the abundant new information comes from deposits of family letters and family lore that Alexander alone has 'enterprisingly' explored.
Corporate sponsorship and individual help from various quarters was 'enterprisingly' sought, going against government norm, and the festival finally emerged from the ashes.
In 1811 she saw bones projecting from the cliff-face and 'enterprisingly' hired some men to dig out the block in which they were embedded.
Instead, why not market the game more 'enterprisingly' and raise additional sponsorship.
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