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her energy and enthusiasm for life
intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
religious fervor supposedly resulting directly from divine inspiration, typically involving speaking in tongues and wild, uncoordinated movements of the body.
translation of 'enthusiasm'
It was always hard then to create much interest or 'enthusiasm' for it here in London.
At the time, the parish councillors expressed 'enthusiasm' for the idea.
the result was greeted with 'enthusiasm'
However, there is no doubting his 'enthusiasm' for this little-known genre.
Throw in the referendum and this adds to people's confusion and lack of 'enthusiasm' for the vote.
It also describes his great 'enthusiasm' for everything his company made or did.
He tries as hard as he can on the course, but given his lack of 'enthusiasm' for the competition, that is not enough to produce his best golf.
Already it has commented on this newspaper's 'enthusiasm' for the idea, and the endorsement of local MPs.
few expressed 'enthusiasm' about the current leaders
their 'enthusiasm' for work was obvious
her energy and 'enthusiasm' for life
They chose teaching as a career because they loved their subject and wanted to share their 'enthusiasm' with others.
she showed great 'enthusiasm' for swimming
However, full awareness of this has not curbed people's 'enthusiasm' for car purchases.
her energy and 'enthusiasm' for life
In the course of her discussion she expressed her 'enthusiasm' for taking this business.
Many have expressed 'enthusiasm' for the kind of farming that the Limestone Country project will support.
few expressed 'enthusiasm' about the current leaders
they did it with little 'enthusiasm'
Can the party get out of its 'enthusiasm' for the single currency if the public mood swings against it?
All that boundless 'enthusiasm' for a linear existence made me feel nauseous.
He said he had great personal 'enthusiasm' for the project and praised the hard work that had gone into it.
The teaching staff had shown great 'enthusiasm' for the project, and this added to that of the students.
Her obvious 'enthusiasm' for her subject certainly increased our afternoon's enjoyment.
he had no 'enthusiasm' for the subject
It's a display of loyalty and 'enthusiasm' for a brand that is seen as fun, friendly and different.
She has been successful in large part because her 'enthusiasm' for the hobby is contagious.
Young people showed little interest in past media and much 'enthusiasm' for contemporary media.
Not all my 'enthusiasms' have stood the test of time as thoroughly as O'Hara has.
Economist, writer, diplomat and public servant, he was also a collector with wide-ranging 'enthusiasms' .
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