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the promoter was enthusiastic about the concert venue
having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
translation of 'enthusiastic'
He's 'enthusiastic' about the live show, but is also keen to raise his comedic profile again.
The heads of the other two main arms of the military were perhaps less 'enthusiastic' in their reactions.
she's very 'enthusiastic'
The officers from Manchester are 'enthusiastic' and keen to take on the challenge.
Back then the rallies were big and the support was energetic and 'enthusiastic' .
She is a lively, dedicated and 'enthusiastic' volunteer and we are all very proud of her.
What is more, the book has generated some genuinely warm and 'enthusiastic' reviews.
I also have to report that some reviewers were not as 'enthusiastic' as those quoted by the publisher.
Most skaters are active, 'enthusiastic' and trying to do what they love without being hassled.
he's very 'enthusiastic' about coming here
It sounded like a pipe dream, but he was so 'enthusiastic' it was hard not to get excited for him.
There was a lot of 'enthusiastic' hand-shaking in the European parliament in those days.
I was interested in how many women competed, and how 'enthusiastic' they were about it.
To aid me I discussed the idea with a former colleague who was very 'enthusiastic' about the whole thing.
It was a very 'enthusiastic' meeting and I know I'm going to get a lot of support from the people there.
Such interest was at least as 'enthusiastic' in the provinces as in the metropolis.
Some small local cinemas were still staggering along, run by 'enthusiastic' amateurs.
The cold wet evenings are not a deterrent to the training of the 'enthusiastic' group.
All were extremely 'enthusiastic' , and eager for everyone on the course to do well.
I like being the elder statesman and the committee is almost entirely new and 'enthusiastic' .
Finally you will be surrounded by 'enthusiastic' people eager to grow in faith.
But they also care a good deal for me, and are 'enthusiastic' for what will make my life better.
he's an 'enthusiastic' worker
they're not very 'enthusiastic' about the project
The staff worked hard and 'enthusiastically' to give pupils the best start in life that they could.
The point becomes that he 'enthusiastically' used that bad advice to score political advantage.
Normally sane journalists have 'enthusiastically' taken up this theme.
Last time they came they were 'enthusiastically' received and this visit is eagerly awaited.
Some were surprised to hear him 'enthusiastically' espouse the private sector and contestability at the launch.
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