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full entitlement to fees and maintenance should be offered
the fact of having a right to something.
translation of 'entitlement'
That long weekend can feel like a week in the sun, at a cost of two days out of an allotted annual holiday 'entitlement' .
full 'entitlement' to fees and maintenance should be offered
full 'entitlement' to fees and maintenance should be offered
annual leave 'entitlement'
Their desire to have the 'entitlement' changed to a block grants is mainly driven by financial pressures.
annual leave 'entitlement'
This builds up monthly in advance at the rate of one-twelfth of the annual 'entitlement' each month.
Subsequent cases have held that once 'entitlement' is decided, a token amount ought not to be awarded.
The letter informed her that her 'entitlement' amounted to just £0.35 pence per fortnight.
It has been 30 years since the last increase in the minimum annual holiday 'entitlement' .
The government has recognised that we should get our full grant 'entitlement' .
If he leaves the company however, he loses his 'entitlement' , unless it is through early retirement.
You may not be able to claim down all the premium 'entitlements' on weanlings purchased now.
Out goes a culture of benefits and 'entitlements' ; in comes a partnership of rights and responsibilities.
Taking part in this course will not affect your social welfare 'entitlements' .
With more people also losing their jobs, queries about welfare 'entitlements' have hit a new high.
The second highest query related to rights and 'entitlements' to family life.
The Irish government has a particular duty to defend the rights and 'entitlements' of Irish people.
That is based on 990 shares per member, based on two 'entitlements' plus loyalty shares.
Her leave 'entitlements' expired during November, and she was asked to return to work in December.
There will be provision to purchase, sell or lease single payment 'entitlements' .
It is your right to know your 'entitlements' so please avail of this service.
People find it difficult to get information regarding their 'entitlements' and benefits.
It has been claimed that it did not fall within the rules pertaining to MPs' travel 'entitlements' .
There is also a great deal on workers' rights and social 'entitlements' .
Common law lump sum 'entitlements' allow people to get on with their lives.
So it is common ground that this clause governs the remuneration 'entitlements' of casuals?
He has refused to collect his 'entitlements' and is preparing a legal challenge.
The charity is hoping as many people as possible will claim their full 'entitlements' .
In fact, the nature and extent of these 'entitlements' can vary enormously from one company to another.
Congress' mantra was entitlement of poverty: Javadekar
In Maharashtra, MPs got Rs 772 cr against Rs 1,200 cr entitlement
IUC-laced tariff balanced out with high data entitlements: Jio
RIL clarifies on fractional entitlement in rights issue
A buyer should pay Rs 202-245 for RIL rights entitlement renunciation: Kotak
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