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So how do concerned environmentalists tackle the enormous challenge of driving that switch?
a person who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment.
a person who considers that environment, as opposed to heredity, has the primary influence on the development of a person or group.
the 'environmentalist' movement
He broke off his architecture studies and became active in peace and 'environmentalist' groups.
An ardent 'environmentalist' , he did it the responsible way.
an 'environmentalist' group
It is - in its own small way - a barometer of the future direction of the 'environmentalist' movement.
He's become, rather to his own surprise, a committed 'environmentalist' .
But I cannot support the extreme 'environmentalist' positions that you present in your magazine.
You are thought of as an avid 'environmentalist' and you've built a reputation as an outdoorsman.
As well as being passionate about personal finance, I'm also a committed 'environmentalist' .
The 'environmentalist' movement, for instance, frequently appeals to the goodness of nature as a way to promote their causes.
So how do concerned 'environmentalists' tackle the enormous challenge of driving that switch?
The defeat of the student and youth radicalism of the 1960s also bolstered the mood of pessimism and so strengthened 'environmentalism' .
"People call us, and they're not always die-hard, tree-hugging 'environmentalists' , " she says.
Modern 'environmentalism' differs from the conservation and preservation era in two salient respects.
As 'environmentalists' keep warning us, even the air is a scarce commodity.
What thoughtful 'environmentalists' fear most in the upcoming congressional session is a rush to judgment.
Counterculture 'environmentalists' never constructed a unified philosophy that united like-minded individuals and organizations under one banner.
'Environmentalists' have said some coral reefs in Aceh may have been uplifted and exposed by the tsunami.
True 'environmentalists' are concerned not with appearances but with practising the principles that they preach.
The story is a gentle introduction to 'environmentalism' and encourages children to be aware of the dangers to ocean life, posed by littering.
Generations of conservationists and 'environmentalists' have reinforced these views.
"We're not ardent 'environmentalists' , but we wanted an environmentally-friendly home that looked good.
Despite what some 'environmentalists' have argued, putting a price tag on a species does not make it disappear.
But the relationship between counterculture 'environmentalists' and technology was always ambivalent.
Local 'environmentalists' have sounded the alarm that it may well be the beginning of an end for the species.
The precautionary approach, unlike earlier forms of 'environmentalism' , acknowledges the power of human creativity.
Its centre of political gravity has moved from conservative liberalism to social democracy and 'environmentalism' .
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