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you must be prepared for all eventualities
a possible event or outcome.
translation of 'eventuality'
अंत में,
संभावित परिस्थिति,
संभावित घटना
The second and final pitches are close to 20m, so we'd debated whether to take spares to cover the 'eventuality' of stuck ropes.
Depending on your perspective, such an event may be a contingency or an 'eventuality' .
The 'eventuality' of an image-commodity is therefore a political manifestation.
Health chiefs are developing a programme to deal with such an 'eventuality' and have already earmarked some staff.
Neither Britain nor France was prepared militarily for such an 'eventuality' .
Being prepared for an 'eventuality' is in the larger interest of the community as a whole.
We need to be controlled, we need to be in fear of someone, to be conscious of our errors and their 'eventualities' , because our race is not developed enough to control our mind.
Accidents do happen and car companies have insurance to cover such 'eventualities' , except when they happen on a race circuit.
We consider it to be good management planning, to cover all 'eventualities' , and prepare their next move.
The water companies have contingency plans in place to cover most 'eventualities' and the police have considerable experience from the terrorist threat from the IRA.
He said given the volatile nature of health, the board had to have enough money to cover these 'eventualities' and that they had to rely on their own experience in hospital management.
It advises standing during penalty shoot-outs - the riskiest of situations for England fans - and prepare yourself for all 'eventualities' .
By all means, cover yourself for unexpected 'eventualities' such as death, unemployment and your house burning down.
Gardaí yesterday repeated they were not intimidating protesters, but merely preparing for all 'eventualities' , including violence by a small minority.
I was pondering these increasingly likely 'eventualities' when the train pulled into the last stop, the doors opened and I fell out onto the platform with my unchanged rucksack.
And depending on your attitude to risk, there is a whole number of policies available to protect against a wealth of possible 'eventualities' .
It is impossible to give a simple theory of euthanasia that is able to cover all 'eventualities' , since the issues involved are so complex, and almost no case is the same as another.
Although I'd been toying with switching to insurance which covers all 'eventualities' , I foolishly let sentiment get the better of me and stayed with him.
We have a few injury doubts and will take a big squad with us to cover all 'eventualities' but I think he will be playing.
The larger clubs will still be able to stockpile players to cover 'eventualities' , but for the rest, a powerful weapon in the astute manager's armoury has been negated.
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