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the methods of excavation have to be extremely rigorous
the action of excavating something, especially an archaeological site.
translation of 'excavation'
Above, a group working near Tuba City in 1942 at the site of the Dilophosaurus 'excavation' .
The undercarriage struck soil that had been piled up from a ditch 'excavation' and flipped the aircraft.
inside the 'excavation' were the bones of some huge creature
The amount of scientific work that occurs on site, during 'excavation' , is unprecedented.
The only way to address the many unanswered questions on this site has been through a new campaign of 'excavation' .
British archaeologist who pioneered the application of stratigraphic 'excavation' in the Near East.
There are several potential disasters waiting to occur at each 'excavation' site.
The sites around West Drayton and Acton will see new 'excavation' to address problems of their dating.
He did a lot for archaeology: he was the father of scientific 'excavation' .
Earlier this month, English Heritage visited Urswick and asked for a more detailed survey and 'excavation' of the site to be carried out.
A fantastic opportunity to take a tour of a live archaeological 'excavation' with York Archaeological Trust.
Has Wideford 'excavation' revealed site of Orkney's oldest settlement?
The initial phase of the archaeological 'excavation' at Woodstown has just been completed.
The 'excavation' has shown the archaeological enclosure to be already disturbed through modern activity.
After nearly two decades of 'excavation' , the Carranque Archaeological Park is now open to the public.
The building site was excavated on two separate levels to minimize 'excavation' costs on a steep slope.
After earlier survey and 'excavation' , the cist was relocated this summer.
Several are regularly involved with 'excavation' under the supervision of experienced archaeologists.
the methods of 'excavation' have to be extremely rigorous
No one has ever carried out a systematic survey or 'excavation' on the wreck site or indeed the mutineer settlement.
Consistent 'excavation' and sampling methods were employed throughout these units.
The road needs to be re-routed to facilitate the full 'excavation' of the Woodstown site and surrounding areas.
These questions can only be answered through the careful archaeological 'excavation' of the site.
the methods of 'excavation' have to be extremely rigorous
The archaeological 'excavation' uncovered what was once a thriving church community.
Because of this he felt that 'excavation' should be undertaken only under proper archaeological supervision.
It is an aspect of 'excavation' and construction that you cannot afford to ignore.
With our trenches and relatively tiny area 'excavations' we do not appreciate the scale of what they must have seen.
A raised viewing platform will also allow visitors to the site to watch the 'excavations' being worked on without intruding on the dig.
Peske trenched garden beds at both sites, recovering very little cultural material from these 'excavations' .
TRENDING: Central Turkish excavation site reaches back 5500 years
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