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she has undergone exhaustive tests since becoming ill
examining, including, or considering all elements or aspects; fully comprehensive.
translation of 'exhaustive'
After an 'exhaustive' investigation, we received a full copy of the report, which was sent to us and translated for us.
This essay has attempted to outline his themes and methods without claiming to be an 'exhaustive' study.
After 'exhaustive' testing they found that a long track in the circuit board had functioned as the antenna.
In terms of generic iconography, Alphaville is truly 'exhaustive' in its attention to detail.
This is by no means an 'exhaustive' list - but it clearly shows that there's no such thing as a risk-free summer.
Her body has never been found despite 'exhaustive' searches by police.
My list is not 'exhaustive' , but rest assured, the most diligent research is ongoing.
Police were led to the stash following an 'exhaustive' investigation, codenamed Operation Elect.
The results of an 'exhaustive' study into masculinity were published this week and they make for illuminating reading.
What would constitute a special circumstance defied definition or 'exhaustive' categorisation.
It also explores in 'exhaustive' detail the way Wilson was out maneuvered at Versailles and how he left a broken man.
Please be mindful that this is not an 'exhaustive' collection, nor is this a representative sample.
This was not an 'exhaustive' survey but the experiences of our stranded motorists varied substantially.
Even after going through this 'exhaustive' process there is no guarantee that you will have chosen the right manager.
We have been taught to conduct 'exhaustive' studies of our chosen fields.
These are only a few examples which are neither comprehensive nor 'exhaustive' .
The list is by no means 'exhaustive' but it does capture some of the main elements.
There have been other articles in British newspapers but I think the above is the most 'exhaustive' study of the lot.
The campaign group said it sent the Government an 'exhaustive' memo detailing the allegations in July.
There are plenty of books that offer an 'exhaustive' account of those issues, and I took them to be the context for my story.
Their 'exhaustiveness' in regard to the latter, however, is insufficient.
To point out this incompleteness is not to criticize Lyotard: his book is no treatise, no scientific biography; it has no aspiration to 'exhaustiveness' .
Although advanced as a first, tentative approach, the proposal is presented very systematically, with clear ambitions to generality and 'exhaustiveness' of the field.
This is an 'exhaustively' detailed account of the authors' industrious search through German and Russian archives for the solution to the mystery.
The sheer 'exhaustiveness' of these lists can lead to odd situations when one player is granted an exception and another isn't.
An 'exhaustively' detailed account frequently becomes a catalogue of events whose significance remains murky.
The international architectural community is bound to profit from the lessons conveyed by this exhibition, which covers with admirable 'exhaustiveness' a subject vitally pertinent to the present day.
Since then, the Senate has thoroughly and 'exhaustively' investigated and debated her nomination.
That's the nickel tour of what is actually a very tight, informative and 'exhaustively' complete 3800 word report.
The protocols presented are easily interpretable and complete without being excessively or 'exhaustively' detailed.
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