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reality had not lived up to expectations
a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.
translation of 'expectation '
On the New Year, many people wear new outfits with the 'expectation' that the coming year will bring them prosperity.
This is equal to 8.5, and is called the 'expectation' of the action in question.
A homeowner who plants a mango tree does so with the 'expectation' that mangoes will be reaped.
There is an 'expectation' that parents will not be able to cope without external support from a raft of experts and professionals.
This created an 'expectation' that the war would be long, ferocious and severe.
As a result, most have insured against compensation claims in the 'expectation' that legal problems will become more frequent.
I sat down in 'expectation' of a feast of nostalgia
he drilled his men in 'expectation' of a Prussian advance
You sit down and have an 'expectation' that you are going to receive good visual information.
Worse still is the 'expectation' that conditions are certain to deteriorate in the coming weeks.
Most Australians have grown up with an 'expectation' that a hard day's work will reap its rewards.
This is one of the fundamental reasons why ‘staking systems’ don't work: a series of negative expectation bets must have negative 'expectation' .
We tend to pay our taxes in the 'expectation' that it will be utilized for the betterment of the world we live in.
Society gives you the 'expectation' that once your children have left home, it's ‘your time’.
They may simply sit tight in the 'expectation' that the club's growth will continue and the value of their stake will rise further.
The judge said none of the detainees had a reasonable 'expectation' of privacy during the tribunals.
The same 'expectation' is obtained by either method.
This is an 'expectation' that few people can be expected to live up to.
With this belief comes the 'expectation' that a booming economy will beget social progress.
The weaker pupils, in particular, did their best to achieve his 'expectation' of them.
There is an 'expectation' that there will be a reduction in staff numbers in the UK.
He couldn't have lived up to the 'expectation' that has been thrust upon him.
Why should the police have a higher 'expectation' of privacy than anyone else?
The mathematical 'expectation' of any bet is defined as follows: the sum of all possible gains and losses multiplied by their relative probabilities.
To date it has announced that 1,600 jobs are to be axed but there is an 'expectation' that more will follow.
Investors also sold shares in the 'expectation' that demand for steel may slow in line with falling auto production.
It is our 'expectation' that the government will increase tuition fees.
Simply to build as many houses as possible in the 'expectation' that prices will fall significantly in the near future will not solve the problem.
It just means that he got a shot at leading and didn't fulfill the 'expectation' that you had for him.
an 'expectation' that the government will provide the resources
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