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an expeditious investigation
done with speed and efficiency.
translation of 'expeditious'
The reason for that inertia is simple: we prefer violence because it is the most 'expeditious' , efficient, effective and easiest solution to most problems, if not all.
This was a national tragedy that was met by a courageous administration with conviction and action that was both 'expeditious' and effective.
The system enables controllers to implement accurate, safe and 'expeditious' approach plans to increase safety and airport efficiency.
It has a mandate to deal with investigations in an 'expeditious' manner, and should not have to tolerate inappropriate delays and what amounts to reprehensible conduct.
Such a waiver, he wrote, ‘would be an 'expeditious' end to this controversy.’
Because of the plane's position it was decided that the most 'expeditious' way to do this was with ladders to the rear door.
Action was taken in an 'expeditious' manner before the public could become sufficiently informed to coalesce any opposition or provide a comprehensive debate.
Our judicial system is not renowned for its speedy and 'expeditious' methods and court cases are often bogged down for years.
We believe that the implementation of the resolution requires a full withdrawal in as 'expeditious' a manner as possible.
Although the final disposition of findings is still pending, opposition leaders are demanding an 'expeditious' end to the already tarnished inquest.
What is your candidate going to do to try and mend fences between those fault lines, or conversely, is it more 'expeditious' , politically, to exploit those fault lines?
What he did is designed to eliminate those delays, to bring this process to a speedy and 'expeditious' conclusion.
Railway commuters in the State will also benefit from the possible and 'expeditious' improvements in passenger amenities.
We need assessment processes which are both 'expeditious' and fair.
Our first desire is to settle in a fair and 'expeditious' manner.
Safeguards regarding national security issues should be considered, but the goal should be the fullest and most 'expeditious' disclosure.
Certainly, the case for an 'expeditious' coalition withdrawal gets stronger with every day, and every death.
Can you promise that there will be a more 'expeditious' response this time?
We should gather widely, glean the best ideas, implement them in an 'expeditious' fashion, and not turn down any offer of help.
The introduction of this system will bring transparency and improve efficiency by way of reduced procurement time cycles and 'expeditious' payment to suppliers.
The principle is articulated into three main standards: equality of arms; publicity of proceedings; and 'expeditiousness' of proceedings.
Can such situations be acted upon more 'expeditiously' ?
Hopefully, the checks will be done 'expeditiously' to determine if there is a generic problem and to identify and correct the cause.
I favour 'expeditiousness' , to clear the path so that our aspirations are not twisted by protracted disputes over acre, rood, and perch.
The government defended its decision by pointing to the virtues of informality and 'expeditiousness' , plus full investigatory rather than adjudicatory powers.
Committees were appointed by the town, and in a rare display of unanimity and 'expeditiousness' , they agreed on the location, dimensions, and cost of a more splendid meetinghouse.
Sometimes, in our 'expeditiousness' to move the world down the path towards the workers' Utopia, we aren't cognizant of who we are excluding from the process.
We're going to try to get through this as quickly and as 'expeditiously' as possible.
We believe that the long arm of justice is going to prevail ultimately, and we will work as quickly and professionally and 'expeditiously' as we can.
The appeals have to be 'expeditiously' disposed within 30 days.
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