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the experiential learning associated with employment
involving or based on experience and observation.
translation of 'experiential'
अनुभव संबंधी,
There is a very real need to relate the concepts of capstone courses and 'experiential' learning.
The combination of critical thinking and 'experiential' learning can be valuable for students.
In this sense, 'experiential' learning offers a form of backward-looking wisdom.
Nearly every student begins to recognize that this class emphasizes 'experiential' learning.
Apprenticeships and 'experiential' learning are often used to communicate it.
They are the 'experiential' rock on which the belief in true moral responsibility is founded.
Hallucinogens are an 'experiential' development that undermines our idea of ‘what's out there’.
I do not mean that 'experiential' interests are characteristically frivolous or critical interests inevitably profound.
The 'experiential' learning cycle, which can be entered at any stage, provides a useful framework for planning teaching sessions.
These tests indicate that both lecture and 'experiential' methods produced positive learning.
Their logical method is grounded in the world around them, and the human beings in it, in a much more existential or 'experiential' sense.
The distinction between 'experiential' education and service learning is unclear.
Rapid team building through 'experiential' learning has advanced greatly during the past decade.
These can become humorous role plays accompanied by much laughter as well as 'experiential' learning.
All learning requires an 'experiential' component, after all.
Space and time are 'experiential' or phenomenal categories, central to our being-in-the-world.
There will also be an audition free production to make the learning process 'experiential' at the end of the workshop.
It has no effect on 'experiential' well-being except to end it.
Instead working parties were set up in which decisions were based on 'experiential' evidence.
At best, sceptical hypotheses cover the same 'experiential' data.
What makes some desires particularly urgent is rather the way things seem 'experientially' to the person who is in their grip.
We can build resilience in any child, but it has to he done 'experientially' - it can't be done in words.
It's reality-based, 'experientially' oriented, and highly intentional in its academic design, combining peer-to-peer learning and leading academic and faculty advisors.
As liturgy it is approached 'experientially' , bringing people into a dynamic contemporary encounter with God.
In cases like this, claims about the world would be no more certain, even if they could be 'experientially' grounded.
Tech makes breakthrough in arts as visual gives way to experiential (2018 In Retrospect)
Modi opens Virtual Experiential Museum in Varanasi
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