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explanatory notes
serving to explain something.
translation of 'explanatory'
व्याख्या करनेवाला,
The mandatory bail provision, as he says in his own 'explanatory' note, is being taken out.
The evaluation of various 'explanatory' factors continues to generate much historiographical debate.
In this book we are committed to a system level of analysis for both descriptive and 'explanatory' purposes.
The book is on descriptive and 'explanatory' method, avoiding philosophical rhythm.
There is a statement I want to read from the 'explanatory' note of the bill.
There is a brief explanation in the 'explanatory' note of the bill as to what all this is about.
It was also disturbing to read in the 'explanatory' note that more than half of all liable persons are in arrears.
The 'explanatory' note also goes on to describe how a new statutory strict liability regime will be put in place.
The guide comprises two maps, one on each side of the page, surrounded by 'explanatory' notes.
The bill's 'explanatory' note gives a number of examples, and I agree with most of them.
The 'explanatory' note also seems to say to me that this country is changing somewhat out of control.
The map and 'explanatory' notes attached to the entry form were very well done.
She does supply an 'explanatory' note at the end, but, by the time you get to it, you realise you had somehow absorbed all this anyway.
The 'explanatory' note does go on to say that there will be higher costs.
What are the areas that we expect, at least in the 'explanatory' note of the bill, to be acknowledged?
The main reforms of the bill are dealt with in the 'explanatory' note, and I am not going to deal with them in any detail.
Often there are 'explanatory' notes with the readings, and there are also questions to draw out lessons from each passage.
My own 'explanatory' notes or elaborations for purposes of clarity are inserted in square parentheses.
The second major point I want to bring to members' attention is in the 'explanatory' note.
If one looks at the 'explanatory' note of the bill, one sees a very clear omission.
The closure principle is both plausible and 'explanatorily' valuable.
Without it, even a priori deducibility might seem 'explanatorily' less than sufficient, though the need for such a story remains a matter of controversy.
The philosophical distinction between truths of meaning and truths of fact does not reflect a genuine, 'explanatorily' significant distinction.
‘Not relevant’ means, for Skinner, 'explanatorily' circular or regressive.
This leads naturally enough to the conclusion that it is simply confused or 'explanatorily' superfluous.
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