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they fought to prevent his extradition to the US
the action of extraditing a person accused or convicted of a crime.
translation of 'extradition '
अपराधी का प्रत्यर्पण
The present case is concerned with 'extradition' to stand trial in Canada.
He says that the failed 'extradition' proceeding failed for commercial reasons.
'extradition' warrant
'extradition' treaty
The Court found that 'extradition' to Pennsylvania in a capital case did not violate this standard.
He has concluded that there is no statutory prohibition against 'extradition' .
This is an issue of 'extradition' which we say is peculiarly based on the exercise of the executive power.
The starting point is that the Act of 1989 regulates at least three types of 'extradition' .
The case before Judge Hoff was not one of high treason but one of unlawful 'extradition' .
Other factors, as well as the need to facilitate 'extradition' , are at work.
Various jurisdictional issues, including 'extradition' , are addressed by the Convention.
If it would be compatible, the judge must order 'extradition' to the category 1 territory in question.
they fought to prevent his 'extradition' to the US
If the court orders his 'extradition' , Beggs has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court in the Hague.
The applicant gave evidence supported by her lawyer as to the political reasons for seeking her 'extradition' .
That has not so far, up till last Friday, reduced his resistance to 'extradition' to that country.
For that reason English law has always required a degree of formality before 'extradition' will be allowed.
At that time there was no 'extradition' treaty between this country and Bulgaria.
he's awaiting 'extradition' to America
they fought to prevent his 'extradition' to the US
He can and must weigh what factors point away from 'extradition' so that he does not violate Article 6.
First, on the opening page of the chapter, there is a reference to deportation, not 'extradition' .
No doubt more information will be put before the trial judge in the event of 'extradition' taking place.
Self evidently, 'extradition' contemplates trial in another jurisdiction according to the law there.
These are applications for writs of Habeas Corpus made in the context of 'extradition' proceedings.
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