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it was rather extravagant to buy both
lacking restraint in spending money or using resources.
translation of 'extravagant'
फ़िजूल ख़र्च,
When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal - 'extravagant' , a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
So far, the Home Secretary has been exemplary, grabbing no emergency powers and making no 'extravagant' claims for ID cards.
The court had heard earlier how the three men were caught when Samuel went on an 'extravagant' spending spree using fraudulent cards, splashing out on top-of-the-range cars and a luxury lifestyle.
No need for 'extravagant' gifts, but I can haul out the decorations and tree.
Watch out for 'extravagant' and impulsive spending.
A troubled housing board in Bradford has suffered its third resignation with complaints being made about outstanding repairs and 'extravagant' spending.
Only the common people, who benefited from his 'extravagant' spending, lamented his death.
Later, when the publicity had died down and independent researchers take a more dispassionate view of the outcomes of treatment over a longer period, the 'extravagant' claims cannot be sustained.
But you can understand that I cannot accept such an 'extravagant' and thoughtful gift.
Be wary of ‘natural’ or herbal remedies making 'extravagant' claims to treat symptoms of menopause.
He made 'extravagant' claims of evidence that revealed hundreds of known communists in government, the media and the film industry.
She receives many 'extravagant' and special gifts to help her raise her child.
This was interpreted to mean: women feel confident that they have found a strong and committed mate when they receive an 'extravagant' gift.
Guest after guest has given me one 'extravagant' gift after the other.
But the Prime Minister was immediately rounded on for making 'extravagant' claims and for misusing statistics.
His claims became more 'extravagant' and he used oil as a weapon:
What's the most 'extravagant' thing you've bought yourself since you started acting?
This determination led to more gifts that were increasingly 'extravagant' , and poems being left in more public and prominent places.
The twice-wed star enjoyed an 'extravagant' spending spree at an exclusive Hollywood store, where she bought designer baby wear for a newborn girl
Walt Whitman made 'extravagant' claims to immortality.
I'm much more certain about the Chancellor's latest wheeze for grabbing more money to fund his 'extravagant' spending plans.
Profits were increasing, and newspapers were full of stories about the 'extravagant' spending of the wealthy.
Buoyant and watchable stuff, though I've now got to confess to a slight, sinking sense of disappointment with this trilogy, for which such 'extravagant' claims have been made.
Most women she knew would've been thrilled to receive such an 'extravagant' gift, yet she found she couldn't care less about it, just an excuse to show off how much money he had.
And a few lines further on he specifies Christianity as the most 'extravagant' elaboration of the moral theme that humanity has ever heard.
I also did not feel any remorse at the 'extravagant' spending of the evening.
Your wealth will increase manifold but try not to give in to 'extravagant' and impulsive buys.
The most 'extravagant' gift you could give a friend is some type of heavy gardening equipment.
The history of western commentaries on ancient Mesoamerican objects is full of 'extravagant' claims made on the basis of such meaningless formal convergences.
She was extremely generous in the 'extravagant' presents she bought for them.
RSS displeased at extravagant praise of Modi, okays nationalism plank
'Baahubali 2' trailer is world-class, visually extravagant
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