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आई शेडो
Blue eyeshadow painted her eyelids while dark ebony traced her closed eyes.
a colored cosmetic, typically in powder form, applied to the eyelids or to the skin around the eyes to accentuate them.
translation of 'eyeshadow'
आंखों के छायाएं
For a shimmery, personalized lotion, crush bronzer or 'eyeshadow' into fine particles and stir it into the lotion bottle.
Blue 'eyeshadow' painted her eyelids while dark ebony traced her closed eyes.
I was wearing silver 'eyeshadow' , silver lip-gloss, and my nails were painted silver.
She had violet eyes that were done up in heavy mascara and 'eyeshadow' .
I'm not stupid; I know that with blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair, I shouldn't wear really warm 'eyeshadow' colours.
After her sister complied, Rebecca twisted her brown hair up and clipped it against her head, dabbing on some lip-gloss and 'eyeshadow' .
I only bring out the blush, 'eyeshadow' , and mascara on special occasions, or when I feel inspired!
Her look was completed with a touch of lip gloss and 'eyeshadow' .
She took out some foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner and 'eyeshadow' and looked at my face for a minute.
Her eyes were heavily made up with black and grey 'eyeshadow' , her skin was dead white, and her mouth was matte and black.
She had used a light blush to make Mila's face pinker and a shimmery goldish-brown 'eyeshadow' for her eyelids and dark, but not too dark, pink lipgloss for her mouth.
She had lined my eyes and dusted some sparkly purple 'eyeshadow' on my eyelids.
His lips were smeared with black lipstick and heavy pink 'eyeshadow' and glitter covered his eyelids.
A little mascara and a dash of silver 'eyeshadow' , then a touch of shimmery lip gloss and a quick brush of face powder and she was done.
She went through it carefully and then picked out black eyeliner, a skin tone colored 'eyeshadow' , and a light pink blush.
I just throw on some powder foundation, blush, tan shimmery 'eyeshadow' , mascara and a neutral colored lipgloss.
Then her eyes hadn't looked right, so she'd needed mascara and 'eyeshadow' .
I stood perfectly still while Lexie brushed on eyeliner, 'eyeshadow' , and mascara.
She put on black eyeliner, reddish 'eyeshadow' , and black lipstick.
I scrabble frantically for concealer and eyeliner, lip gloss and 'eyeshadow' .
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