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fashionable clothes
characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular trend or style.
translation of 'fashionable '
लोकाचार के अनुरूप,
शौक़ीन मिजाज़,
And 'fashionable' waitresses with nice curves treat you with refreshing drinks.
I have quite an eye for 'fashionable' clothing and this garment caught my attention immediately.
I am accidentally 'fashionable' - or rather I am accidentally a few years behind the curve, because it's mainstream now.
Although this look can be considered trendier, the style keeps returning and is considered highly 'fashionable' .
Miri had a 'fashionable' Chinese dress in pink with a black design on the back.
She is fortunate in having the face and figure to look good in very 'fashionable' clothes.
I don't see how pale skin can look 'fashionable' if it makes you look sick.
The political banners on street walls were replaced by large pictures of beautiful and 'fashionable' women.
The design was quite 'fashionable' at the time and variations were common in Boston, Salem, and Portsmouth.
They were popular for no other reason than that people believed they were 'fashionable' .
Fine kid leather gloves often appear among the accoutrements of 'fashionable' ladies.
They reached short of the last two shirt buttons then and were considered quite 'fashionable' .
For most 'fashionable' people however, Scotland means knitwear and in particular cashmere - expensive cashmere.
The styles are as 'fashionable' as you will find elsewhere, and the prices very competitive.
I'm not the most 'fashionable' person on the planet, but I'm not the least either.
But the boom that began in Ireland in the mid-1990s has made the dependency argument less 'fashionable' .
At its peak, more than twenty thousand 'fashionable' members of society made their way there each year.
He is no longer, and can never be again, the 'fashionable' person that he was in the '80s.
But back home, it's 'fashionable' to blame someone else and wallow in self pity and despair.
Hopefully all the 'fashionable' people from the Sheffield scene will be there and be dressed to kill.
She was being escorted to one of the off-campus parties by her new 'fashionable' boyfriend, Shawn.
Today, eyes will turn from the parade rings to 'fashionable' ladies and their outfits.
They want to be dressed in 'fashionable' clothing, wear fancy shoes and drive cool cars.
During the eighteenth century 'fashionable' accessories became an important complement to a lady's attire.
Remember when your mother said that being warm was more important than looking 'fashionable' ?
To prove the point, his photographs show us 'fashionable' women not just in relaxed poses but actually smiling and laughing.
Beginning in the 1890s 'fashionable' ladies wore lorgnettes on elegant occasions.
She woke up in a room that made the 70s look 'fashionable' .
He is as 'fashionable' as any other young person in the city.
Nevertheless, it has long been 'fashionable' to decry the actions of those who use their power.
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