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the politics of federalism in Canada
the federal principle or system of government.
translation of 'federalism '
Thus is the benign and pleasant face of 'federalism' presented throughout Quebec.
We're left with an amendment that achieves social conservative aims by subverting both the separation of powers and 'federalism' .
Although it was not directly named in the Constitution, 'federalism' is a central principle of government in the United States of America.
I'll be talking about 'federalism' and separation of powers.
In every opinion poll and at their chance to vote, they showed they want all the boring, beautiful things of a stable life: democracy, 'federalism' , power-sharing.
This intergovernmental perspective views 'federalism' as a public administration process.
In Quebec, 'federalism' equals the Liberal party.
The more complicated question for aquaculture opponents and public trust advocates is one of 'federalism' .
Political scientist François Rocher provides a more measured assessment of Martin's approach to 'federalism' , the Council of the Federation and the health care deal.
The founders crafted throughout the Constitution a system of 'federalism' , whereby state governments were intended to check the powers of the national government.
At the political level, 'federalism' is an institution we borrowed from the Americans, adapting it to a parliamentary system.
We begin with an ideal type of a federal system called market-preserving 'federalism' - a federation that satisfies all four conditions.
Clark was sometimes annoyed by his colleagues' inability to grasp the substance of 'federalism' and particularly the separation of powers.
We do not necessarily object to federalism, but what sort of 'federalism' is on offer?
This view is more in keeping with 'federalism' - the concept that the federal government would not intrude into core state affairs.
To be sure, as the history of the European Union shows, there can be 'federalism' without a federation.
There was a day when being a conservative meant being for fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, smaller government and a healthy 'federalism' that allowed more state control.
He learned the basic structure and dynamics of American government, including the separation of powers, 'federalism' , and the power of the president to make war.
the politics of 'federalism' in Canada
Throughout its history, the federal NDP has essentially tailed the Liberal conception of Canadian 'federalism' .
He became a biting critic of Quebec nationalism and reasoned for a Canadian 'federalism' in which English and French Canada would be on an equal footing.
It will be found in a developing emphasis on regional agreements and authorities, from which may emerge the preconditions for a revamped 'federalism' .
Unfortunately, many of the jurists whose names are most often cited as possible successors have troubling records on choice, 'federalism' and church-state separation.
This is the case with provisions for old age, nursing care, the health system, and 'federalism' .
However much they may pay lip service to asymmetrical 'federalism' , when push comes to shove, an activist federal party proposes federal programs.
idealists who were committed to European 'federalism'
This debate also turns on two quite different conceptions of 'federalism' , one dominant in Canada outside Quebec, and the other dominant in Quebec.
A written constitution can be viewed as a structural feature of this particular Constitution, as are separation of powers and 'federalism' , that serves particular purposes.
Can 'federalism' enhance the democratic legitimacy of a political system?
The American 'federalists' were out to affirm individual and territorial freedom from central authority.
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