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अभिनंदन करना
the award winner was felicitated by the cultural association
translation of 'felicitate'
अभिनंदन करना,
अति प्रसन्न करना,
बधाई देना
Shivlal said it was an honour to 'felicitate' such an outstanding cricketer and a thorough gentleman.
Earlier, officers laid wreaths in honour of the martyrs and 'felicitated' war widows.
Further, they have the unique honour of having been 'felicitated' by none other than the Queen of England.
The winners were 'felicitated' and given the awards by the state minister, in the presence of the great veteran cinema actor and a group of artists.
The day also saw Tamana 'felicitating' those who had successfully won medals at the recently held Delhi Special Olympics.
At a function organised for 'felicitating' the child, the boy was tested by the organisers who wanted to see if he was trained to identify only in a serial order.
Also on display on one side of the exhibition hall are photographs of winners who were 'felicitated' at a public reception held for them on Monday afternoon before the awards were presented to them formally in the evening.
The show came in for much praise, and they were 'felicitated' by the international organisation for their teamwork.
He was honoured and 'felicitated' by them in 1999 and by the English Churches.
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