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And hence, the day got off, without extended speeches, felicitations and other programmes.
words expressing praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion.
translation of 'felicitations'
Apart from the regular 'felicitations' to the outstanding students of the various departments, the coveted prize was awarded to a member of the Department of Social Sciences.
Once the formal 'felicitations' were over children eager for autographs surrounded the cricketer who patiently obliged them all.
it is my honour to extend the 'felicitations' of the president of France to you
All the racing fans extend warmest 'felicitations' to Shay and Emma Barry on the birth of their first child, a boy, Jack.
It is the last general debate for this session of Parliament, so on a personal level I express season's greetings and 'felicitations' to all members of the House.
And hence, the day got off, without extended speeches, 'felicitations' and other programmes.
Responding to 'felicitations' , Harikrishna assured that he would continue to try his best.
Politicians belonging to different parties shared the same platform to offer 'felicitations' .
Literati painting was often occasional, conveying greetings, 'felicitations' and sympathies between good friends.
The function was punctuated by 'felicitations' as the stars took turns to get on to the stage and wish the movie success.
Most of these 'felicitations' are organised by socio-cultural groups, and it is likely that they are looking to uphold a ‘role model’ for the present times.
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