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a nitrogenous fertilizer
a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.
translation of 'fertilizer'
रासायनिक खाद
sewage sludge could be a valuable 'fertilizer' for use in British forests
a nitrogenous 'fertilizer'
these varieties need pesticides and more 'fertilizer'
But I also like to know that it's been grown without chemicals and pesticides and 'fertilisers' .
He criticised modern methods of cultivation and pointed out that the use of chemical 'fertilisers' had affected soil fertility.
Organic food is produced without the chemical 'fertilisers' and pesticides used in conventional food production.
These specialized 'fertilizers' include compost and processed animal manure pellets.
Besides this, chemical 'fertilizers' and pesticides were often doing more harm than good.
Compost, liquid fertilizers and organic 'fertilizers' are alternatives that can be used.
Toxic pesticides and chemical 'fertilisers' we use in our agricultural fields ultimately reach our waters and pollute them.
In modern sugar cane farming, chemical 'fertilizers' and pesticides are used to grow the sugar cane plants.
These crops need heavy inputs of pesticides and chemical 'fertilisers' .
The only way to be a successful farmer is to use lots of chemical 'fertilizers' and pesticides.
One of the problems was that the super yields were obtained at a cost regarding the use of chemical 'fertilisers' and pesticides.
And we all already know about the damage caused by 'fertilisers' , pesticides, chemicals in our food, and fishing these days.
Organic food is grown without chemical pesticides or 'fertilizers' .
Fishmeal and other fish-based 'fertilisers' also supply valuable trace elements.
This year we will compare the results of crops grown with rock dust, manure, chemical 'fertilisers' and an unfertilised control.
This will oblige hundreds of farmers to limit their use of chemical 'fertilisers' and animal manure.
Give fruit trees and bushes a topdressing of organic 'fertiliser' , or a mulch of well-rotted compost or manure.
He doesn't use pesticides, or chemical 'fertilisers' ; he keeps a few bees to pollinate the flowers.
So, we bought more land, spread more 'fertilizers' , and increased our herds in size and number.
After the war, farmers became much more heavily reliant on the use of 'fertilisers' and pesticides, rather than manure and compost, he says.
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