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fictional texts
of or relating to fiction; invented for the purposes of fiction.
translation of 'fictional'
उपन्यास संबंधी,
कल्पित कथा सा,
किस्से-कहानी सा
उपन्यास का,
Gaumontville takes place in a 'fictional' municipality on the day of a mayoral election.
I think I can afford to be indecisive on the matter of which 'fictional' character I like the most.
Last year he won an award at a London catering show for carving another 'fictional' wizard, Harry Potter.
Now imagine how our 'fictional' family's activities are affected by heritage legislation.
He is quite happy to be compared to Mary Shelley's 'fictional' character, Frankenstein.
The test features an unlikely, completely 'fictional' situation in which you will have to make a decision.
Wrong's excellent book is peopled by the kind of characters no 'fictional' framing could ever conceive.
As companies rush to patent gene sequences, a 'fictional' lawsuit raises disturbing questions.
By the way: the invitation to this party says that I should come dressed as a 'fictional' character.
However, the action of the play and the feelings of both the characters are entirely 'fictional' .
He was part of the way through publishing a short 'fictional' novel on his blog.
It is now less and less necessary for the writer to invent the 'fictional' content of his novel.
They can either be 'fictional' , someone you know right now, or someone that you knew a long time ago.
Mock biographies of 'fictional' characters have long been a staple joke of publishers.
He is 'fictional' , but his character is interestingly similar to the early life of Pius XII.
The police in his books are definitely the good guys, despite a trend for corrupt 'fictional' detectives.
Both started out with a narrowly defined 'fictional' territory, and both have tried to extend their range.
Create a specific brief for an article and then write it, or make up a 'fictional' company and write copy for their website.
For film producers, the past is merely a starting point, the foundation on which to build a 'fictional' story.
To help him play Trevor with conviction, Ferns invented a 'fictional' biography for the troubled man.
The play is set in the Shear Madness hair salon, 'fictionally' located in Kensington, where the lives of customers and hairdressers are disrupted by a murder.
The first is a 'fictionalisation' of several different events involving vast stretches of sea, the accidental abandonment of two divers and the presence of sharks.
This may be a world of fact but it is a world of fact dragged into the limbo of 'fictionality' .
The Jerusalem-to-Ramallah route that Rana takes 'fictionally' is itself the subject of the second of Abu-Assad's works in the festival: the documentary Ford Transit.
By attempting to embody that 'fictionality' , Woolf's ‘A Tale Told by Moonlight’ thickens the silvery self-image that Peter Walsh encounters in the metropolitan world of Mrs Dalloway.
Like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the South American writer with whom she is being lavishly compared by her rather over-enthusiastic publishers, Enright is interested in the 'fictionality' of history.
I like to think that I've plotted it in such a way that though the idea came from personal experience, that I've moved it away into a realm of obvious 'fictionality' .
It limits the damage done by a story by forcing its audience to realize its 'fictionality' at almost every moment.
One of the most disturbing aspects of the affair is the spontaneously-occurring popular 'fictionalization' of the events.
This novel 'fictionalized' the author's experiences with his five adopted sons, sometimes referred to as The Lost Boys.
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