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A filmography , listing all films mentioned throughout, is at the end of the article.
a list of films by one director or actor, or on one subject.
The extras are limited to a brief 'filmography' for director Michael Steinberg, Stiles, and Patrick Muldoon.
Your 'filmography' is dominated by films directed by women featuring complex, central female characters.
My choices out of her 'filmography' listed previously will probably indicate how I feel about her.
A 'filmography' , listing all films mentioned throughout, is at the end of the article.
Of particular relevance to film studies researchers is the fact that the book includes a useful 'filmography' , listed both by films and directors.
Only a 'filmography' for Clint Eastwood and the theatrical trailer are offered.
At least we get a trailer and a 'filmography' that does a decent job of showcasing the film, and the talent involved.
There is also a director 'filmography' , which is kind of like getting a weather report from a CD player.
The DVD's only supplements are the original theatrical trailer and incomplete cast and director 'filmographies' .
The theatrical trailer and 'filmographies' for the director and many cast members fills out the extras.
Finally there is a quick list of 'filmographies' of the cast and the director.
There are the usual biographies and 'filmographies' of actors and filmmakers, a limited stills gallery with twelve pictures, and an inexplicably red-banded trailer.
Also on the disc are a lengthy poster and photo archive, production notes, thorough cast and director biographies / 'filmographies' , and the original theatrical trailer.
You'll also get a surprisingly ample plate of cast and crew 'filmographies' , and some soundtrack album cover art.
The supplements include a trailer and director and cast 'filmographies' .
You get 'filmographies' of five actors and nine members of the creative team.
The theatrical trailer and unusually detailed bio / 'filmographies' for the lead actors and the writer/director round out the content.
There's also a trailer for this film, a DVD specification list, and some 'filmographies' and biographies too.
The biggest disappointment of the DVD presentation is the lack of any significant extra content; only cast and director biographies and 'filmographies' are offered.
But hey, subtitles come in a variety of languages, from Portuguese to Thai, and there are the requisite boring 'filmographies' of the director and stars that no one reads anyway.
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