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अंगुली की छाप
I was booked, fingerprinted, and locked up for the night
record the fingerprints of (someone).
the police had his fingerprints on file
an impression or mark made on a surface by a person's fingertip, especially as used for identifying individuals from the unique pattern of whorls and lines.
translation of 'fingerprint'
अंगुली की छाप,
Observers can identify individual hyenas by their constellation-like spot patterns, each as unique as a human 'fingerprint' .
Collages, loops, jump-cut edits and adventurous (yet lo-fi) recording techniques give these songs a distinctive, timeless sonic 'fingerprint' .
The two elements preserve an environmental 'fingerprint' in the form of an isotope signature.
Serial samples that involve a change in the IS6110 'fingerprint' are distinguished from those that do not involve a change.
The fact that they can still make things flow and leave their distinct 'fingerprint' intact, despite the variety, is one of the greatest things I can say for the band.
The pad of the finger is generally defined as the spot where the whorl of the 'fingerprint' is located.
To open the safe, a ‘learned’ finger is placed on the sensor, which then compares the 'fingerprint' 's unique pattern to those stored in its memory bank.
The energy shift is a function of the mass of the involved atoms and the binding strength and coordination, so every chemical species shows its own, distinct 'fingerprint' .
We will 'fingerprint' visitors who need visas and those planning longer stays before they arrive.
Using this technique, absorption spectra that are a characteristic 'fingerprint' of the sample analyzed are routinely obtained with minimum or no sample preparation.
the faint chemical 'fingerprint' of plastic explosives
the faint chemical 'fingerprint' of plastic explosives
The chemical cal elements in the matter emit X-rays of a characteristic wavelength and can therefore be identified through their spectral 'fingerprint' .
A very talented individual with a lot of experience, may be able to identify a 'fingerprint' that a less talented or newer examiner may not be able to identify.
These readings establish a 'fingerprint' of the chemicals contained in the plant or extract.
A machine scans the index finger, matching the customer's unique 'fingerprint' with the individual's account.
The band's sonic 'fingerprint' remains as distinctive as ever.
Luckily, the 16-year-old culprit left behind a 'fingerprint' and detectives were able to trace him.
We can not only image the specimen, we can get the chemical 'fingerprint' .
The new chemicals leave gamma-ray 'fingerprints' in the fireball for astronomers to find.
Suspicious visitors to be 'fingerprinted' , photographed and possibly subjected to background checks.
The magnet ‘maps’ molecules to identify their distinct 'fingerprints' .
Both 'fingerprints' and the pattern of blood vessels in the eye are unique to each individual, staying constant throughout life.
Police then dragged him back onto his feet and took him to the justice center to be 'fingerprinted' and booked.
He leaves his 'fingerprints' on every aspect of the operation - even if he's not fit to be at the controls.
Some of them will be 'fingerprinted' and photographed when they arrive.
Just like human 'fingerprints' , the pattern of marks is individual to each monkey.
People arrested but not charged are 'fingerprinted' .
They say it happened when they were detained and 'fingerprinted' by border agents after returning from a religious conference in Canada.
The high-profile pathologist said her role on site is minimal as the experts in photography, blood patterns, 'fingerprints' and ballistics take over.
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