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That would drive prices down and encourage fishermen to catch more fish to make the same amount of money.
a person who catches fish for a living or for sport.
translation of 'fisherman'
A giant squid shocked the 'fisherman' who caught it in his net off the coast of Vancouver Island.
The suggestion is that instead of fish, the 'fisherman' himself has been caught in the net.
At the time these 'fisherman' were going out sports fishing with hand lines.
However, the vast majority of bait 'fishermen' will use fresh fish roe wrapped round the hook or sometimes put in small bags.
Experts say increasing financial pressures are forcing 'fishermen' to sell extra fish on the black market.
There seemed to be no sense at all in importing supplies our own 'fishermen' should have been catching.
There are several different varieties and are a favourite of sport 'fishermen' in those areas.
All over Europe fishing communities blame other 'fishermen' for their problems.
For the local 'fishermen' , however, fishing for the snappers is a way of life.
As I gazed in the direction of his usual path, I saw 'fishermen' bring back their catch of the day.
Prices of prawns are still low and supply is steady giving local 'fishermen' a living.
After more than one hour both the fish and the 'fishermen' were tired.
When 'fishermen' caught species in their net that were over quota they had to throw them back into the sea.
We are all, of course, sport 'fishermen' but there are times when the welfare of some local children has to take priority.
The perception of the 'fishermen' was that the fish were still there to be caught.
That would drive prices down and encourage 'fishermen' to catch more fish to make the same amount of money.
Wouldn't it be nice if sport 'fishermen' were able to drag up catches like that from our waters?
In the evening, when the sun went down, we decided to go fishing with the local 'fishermen' .
These seasonal 'fishermen' trapped fish from the swollen rivers for fun as well as profit.
The sons and daughters of 'fishermen' and farmers are doctors, lawyers and engineers.
Saw 'Siddhartha' jumping from bridge into river: fisherman
We didn't hope to see home: Yemen-returned fisherman
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