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Cornwall is due to hand over her flagship duties to sister ship HMS Campbeltown in October.
the ship in a fleet that carries the commanding admiral.
translation of 'flagship'
The power bike's a 'flagship' product, the kind of thing that could support a whole company.
The 'flagship' of the Russian Pacific fleet visited Shanghai late last year.
The titanic shapes of the 'flagship' Nelson and her twin, the Rodney, dominated the view.
The Welcome Centre is considered by other major funders as a 'flagship' organisation.
The sale of Bradford's 'flagship' department store could become a positive opportunity for the city, it was claimed today.
It now only has the 'flagship' Regent Street store left, which is valued at £19.6m.
their 'flagship' product
this bill is the 'flagship' of the administration's legislative program
Perfume houses take very great care to ensure that the ingredients of their 'flagship' products are kept under wraps.
It is the 'flagship' of the fleet and is very large, you'll soon come to realize.
Aboard his 'flagship' , he stared coldly out the window as the vessel slowed to a halt.
A 'flagship' London store opened last September, and there are plans to open six more stores worldwide this year.
Her current assignment is getting the new 'flagship' store up and running well in time for Christmas.
This is supposed to be their 'flagship' bill, but press reports have suggested they might lose the vote.
this bill is the 'flagship' of the government's legislative programme
A 'flagship' Glasgow store would be a snub to Edinburgh which had harboured dreams of attracting the company.
Its 'flagship' store in Princes Street recently hired a new manager.
Cornwall is due to hand over her 'flagship' duties to sister ship HMS Campbeltown in October.
The 'flagship' of the fleet, it leaves all others trailing in its wake.
The company may also set up separate 'flagship' stores for its brands to further the aim of brand identity.
Johnson was innovative enough to create product extensions of his 'flagship' brand.
As the 'flagship' of Admiral Lord Howe, she played an important part in the early stages of the war with France.
Thai Marines and Naval units took him prisoner and held him aboard the 'flagship' .
Due to legal reasons I cannot divulge the name of this 'flagship' product.
One of the key things that has worked in the firm's favour over the years is owning the 'flagship' store at 87 George Street.
Just approaching the warship sends a shiver down the spine of the anybody with a sense of history, as she looks every inch the 'flagship' in her prime.
The Italian label, which has just opened a new London 'flagship' store, really does make some of the best outerwear around.
the company's 'flagship' store in Paris
One of the most famous names in RN history has bowed out, handing over the title of the nation's 'flagship' to her sister.
Warburton-Lee was killed, his 'flagship' had to be beached, two other destroyers were damaged, and a third was sunk.
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