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a flamboyant display of aerobatics
(of a person or their behavior) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.
To house his accumulation of art and curiosities he bought the hôtel of the abbots of Cluny that had been built in the flamboyant Gothic style around 1500.
of or denoting a style of French Gothic architecture marked by wavy flamelike tracery and ornate decoration.
translation of 'flamboyant'
भड़कीले रंग वाला,
ज्वाला के रंग के फूल,
Whilst the guitarist needs to suffer for his art more and lose the baseball cap, you only notice this because their singer is a 'flamboyant' individual.
Numerous local schools and organisations took part in the event with colourful floats and 'flamboyant' outfits.
The festival also promises colourful and 'flamboyant' floral demonstrations.
The garish jackets and 'flamboyant' ties were out in force as more than 2,000 people packed York Minster to celebrate his life.
Lee's 'flamboyant' personality and quick, cool, dry wit are trademarks of this great man of musical theatre.
There are many more examples of this type of 'flamboyant' ironwork tracery sufficient to indicate that the style was rooted in the Low Countries.
So tearing my eyes away, I paid attention to what my 'flamboyant' friend was saying.
The silent ones often seemed to drive the oldest and slowest cars on the road while the more 'flamboyant' drivers were in cars which seemed to mirror their owner's extravagant character.
The very popular and 'flamboyant' politician has been leaving everyone in his wake in the competition in recent years and the word is that a major effort will be made to dethrone him this year.
To house his accumulation of art and curiosities he bought the hôtel of the abbots of Cluny that had been built in the 'flamboyant' Gothic style around 1500.
She was a seriously 'flamboyant' person, in dress and in sport.
Come dressed in a classy yet 'flamboyant' style, we're after freakish glamour.
For day, wide tweed trousers, a crocheted sweater, a poncho and a hat is a great 'flamboyant' look, or a wrap dress and a bright yellow or green tweed coat with blue tights and fabulous shoes.
However, the 'flamboyant' politician, who was made deputy president in 1999 and is reportedly in debt, is remembered by colleagues as being careless with money.
The inmates, mostly 'flamboyant' personalities who lived by their supervillain identities, were stripped of any identity but their prisoner numbers.
This is due to a phenomenon known as allelopathy where there are chemicals in the leaves, flowers and stems of the 'flamboyant' which inhibit the growth of other plants.
Indian royal ritual and garments with their glittering gold work and 'flamboyant' colours were adopted by Indonesian ruling princes.
Sometimes he is wildly 'flamboyant' , sometimes sly and coy.
He's quite 'flamboyant' and I'm the opposite of that.
Famous for his 'flamboyant' style, the baron looked drawn and haggard after two nights in police cells.
British sculptor, painter, and designer, a 'flamboyant' personality whose flair for self-publicity has helped him become the most famous British artist of his generation.
Her formula for stimulating warm thoughts of the tropics by applying 'flamboyant' colours to fluid fabrics is paying off.
Fitting his 'flamboyant' personality, he led the way with his own choice of costume, a rainbow-coloured cope and mitre, which he had designed and made for the occasion.
Tragically, he died just a few months later in a plane crash and the world of golf lost its most 'flamboyant' personality.
The piece is larger than life, with 'flamboyant' colours and a constant play of doors opening and closing in front of rich washes of deep lighting hues - lavender, pink and green.
The staging just about passes muster and it is enlivened by vivid sets and 'flamboyant' costumes.
He was 'flamboyant' , selfish and wildly misogynist.
A 'flamboyant' personality with a personal touch, most that had never even met him felt that they knew him as a friend.
Drag is so colourful, so 'flamboyant' , so sellable - that the complicating factors of class, race, and politics seem like, well, a drag.
The colourful and 'flamboyant' solicitor, famous for his Cuban cigars, quick wit, and genial sense of devilment, attained folk hero status among the showbiz fraternity.
This flamboyant plastic waste boat sets out for long voyage
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