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a foolproof security system
incapable of going wrong or being misused.
translation of 'foolproof'
While you could just write to random addresses in Timbuktu, we have a 'foolproof' system in place.
Bee-eaters have worked out a 'foolproof' security system for the nest.
They are supposed to be 'foolproof' and guaranteed to keep horses and jockeys safe, and to open in unison.
Companies that can offer safe and 'foolproof' connections stand to rise to the top.
Now we need to make sure that the system is as 'foolproof' as possible.
These examples should not be considered 'foolproof' systems or events possible only in developed economies.
It's a pretty complex system with some safeguards, but not 'foolproof' , as you know.
Come up with a 'foolproof' security system and stop other men like you from stealing priceless works of art.
We must take the initiative with regard to food labelling, with the critical aim of putting in place a 'foolproof' system.
It all adds up to an almost 'foolproof' mechanical length measuring system that Les says produces excellent results.
I am writing to assure you that my operation is completely safe and 'foolproof' .
The 'foolproof' system gives little room for manipulation by the conductor.
However, this is not a 'foolproof' system as not all marketing firms are signed-up.
While you could just write random addresses in Amsterdam we have a 'foolproof' system in place.
Now, no one wants the president assassinated, but the reality is no security is 'foolproof' .
Letters coming to MEPs in Brussels are scanned, but the system is not 'foolproof' .
The State has yet to fine tune a 'foolproof' system by which accidents can be prevented.
True, democracy and the rule of law provide no 'foolproof' security guarantee.
Since the Christmas holidays, my 'foolproof' , and copyrighted, two-stage sleeping system has been failing.
See that your dive boat has a 'foolproof' checking system, whether in the form of a roll-call or an effective tagging system.
Sharif wants foolproof security for team in India
Stinking bio-toilets: Need foolproof method to improve system, Railways told
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