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a formidable opponent
inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.
translation of 'formidable'
His accomplishments were 'formidable' during the first three decades of his reign.
This made him a 'formidable' thinker but his knowledge and expertise did not just come from midnight oil.
Among a 'formidable' list of opponents, the American Deena Kastor may be the most dangerous.
The shipbuilders have been playing well and are 'formidable' opponents for anyone on their own patch.
In Hassan, though, he came up against a 'formidable' opponent and a smart street fighter.
He has built a 'formidable' reputation on challenging the corporate orthodoxy.
The doctrine in detail is one of 'formidable' complexity, but its basic principle is simple.
He assuredly bumped off a 'formidable' array of erstwhile friends and possible rivals.
Yet for a chef who shoots from the mouth, Ramsay inspires 'formidable' loyalty.
The first game after the enforced break was a tough encounter against 'formidable' opponents.
Bayern would look more 'formidable' if they could get two of their most talented midfielders fully fit.
It was an emphatic victory and 'formidable' testimony to his talent and determination.
That brings a 'formidable' new dimension to the conflict, further magnified by its global scale.
The trick will be to blend this talent into a 'formidable' team by championship time.
As for Johnson, the old Lion may be getting a bit long in the tooth but he is still a 'formidable' opponent.
Pittodrie presently holds one of the most 'formidable' fear factors in the Premierleague.
In the face of such 'formidable' colleagues, Jo's desire to impress and succeed is even more acute.
Whoever it was, they have assembled a 'formidable' array of talent and spent a lot of money.
What we do know is that she has a 'formidable' mind, powerful admirers and a yellow plastic digger on her desk.
A 'formidable' array of armour and troops roared through in a never ending stream.
Shoes make the foot look shorter and more precious, and yet add the 'formidableness' of extra height, and often a sort of stiletto menace.
But among the educated middle classes in India the knowledge of Shakespeare is 'formidably' good, alarming really, because you find people who know the text as well as you do.
While the haddock was 'formidably' smokey, the mustard cream sauce was far less rich (although without an overbearing taste of mustard) than some versions I've had the misfortune to come across.
The Edinburgh-based think tank recently set out some 'formidably' ambitious, perhaps audacious, targets for the country, to be achieved within 10 years or so, and is now challenging politicians to sign up.
Phillips recreates each of the great eras of wine consumption, with their very different values and palates, and vividly conveys the sheer 'formidableness' of much that has been drunk and enjoyed.
Immediately this musty record of man's land lust assumes the 'formidableness' of a battle - the quick struggling with the dust.
It's ridiculous that this President, who has proven himself a 'formidably' talented debater, is scared to answer questions in anything remotely resembling an unpredictable environment.
The expansion of the domestic markets and the very large-scale integration effected by technology-savvy institutions give Mumbai a 'formidableness' that other cities in Asia and Australia may envy.
Okay, there are ‘free’ appetisers, a micro-course, coffee and petits fours, but with about 300 per cent mark-up on wine, you're contemplating a 'formidably' expensive treat.
The 'formidableness' of this sword is second only to that of the lightsaber.
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