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the forthcoming baseball season
planned for or about to happen in the near future.
financial support was not forthcoming
(of something required) ready or made available when wanted or needed.
translation of 'forthcoming'
Of course doctors and receptionists should be 'forthcoming' with this information.
Otherwise, Kelvin may want to use the opportunity to have fans sample some tracks from his 'forthcoming' album.
As a prelude to the book, Dr Mitra has compiled an audio CD of some of the works that will appear in the 'forthcoming' book.
The country has earmarked 115 million leva in energy aid for the 'forthcoming' winter season.
Only members of the North Mayo Harriers will be permitted to ride with the club for the 'forthcoming' season.
The FBI is currently investigating, and thus far no announcements appear 'forthcoming' .
June was due to appear in the 'forthcoming' production of ‘The Odd Couple’ in September.
I think that if the information was more 'forthcoming' , more people would definitely act on it.
And then I'll post something about the other 'forthcoming' album I've been listening to.
The club is looking for a cricket professional to play for the side during the 'forthcoming' season.
How do you educate end users to be a bit more 'forthcoming' with information?
The New Books Service is your source for the latest information on current and 'forthcoming' Canadian books.
The Spice Girls will definitely not be appearing at the 'forthcoming' Live 8 charity concert.
Information was always 'forthcoming' on the whereabouts of a fox before the hunt, or when the hounds lost their line.
We had played our rugby to gain the lead, and then, with one eye on the 'forthcoming' cricket season, we had declared.
Some of John Greening's poetry will be appearing in 'forthcoming' issues of Quadrant.
If credit was 'forthcoming' , they were ready to borrow as much as someone was willing to lend.
They insisted that Wales would appear prominently in their 'forthcoming' yearbook of regional statistics.
They were very blasé and were not very 'forthcoming' with the information they should have been presenting.
The songs that will make up her 'forthcoming' album, Today's Special, are subtle masterpieces.
He is expected to perform in the U.S. before the end of the year and a new album is 'forthcoming' as well.
Paterson admitted he would face a dilemma if a formal offer from United was 'forthcoming' in the next few days.
The chairman promised funds would be made available but none were 'forthcoming' .
You can hear clips of the 'forthcoming' album recorded on a mobile phone for the special ‘in the studio’ quality.
The past fortnight has continued the pattern, with his build-up to the 'forthcoming' season about as smooth as an alpine pass.
Until, that is, all three threatened to resign on Monday evening if no better offer was 'forthcoming' .
There were no leads, no information 'forthcoming' about Lucie's possible whereabouts.
Mike from Portumna was launched on the scene at the start of the year and this new song is a track from a 'forthcoming' debut album release.
However, this deadline has long since passed and no application appears to be 'forthcoming' .
I immediately liked the fact that he was open and 'forthcoming' .
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